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Yes, you did alert us that Buffet was rumored to be interested in Kraft. That coupled with the buyer of 10,000 June 67.50 calls convinced me to follow this trade. Lowered my cost basis with 2 more buys as the price went down. Made $48,000 on this trade! Keep ’em coming!

Robb S.

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  • Is CBS a M&A Target?

    18 hours ago
    The M&A rumor mill is swirling once again in the media sector following reports of a potential takeover of Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI - NASDAQ). This headline sparked interest in similar names, including CBS (CBS - NYSE). Earlier today, a trader bought 4,000 CBS September 67.5 calls for $1.65 apiece.

  • Whale Trader Pegs QCOM at $71

    2 days ago
    After beating earnings expectations on both top and bottom lines, Qualcomm (QCOM - NASDAQ) fell 5% today. Why? Management lowered fourth quarter guidance -- a forecast the market detests. However, a sharp trader who views this as a buying opportunity is putting his money where his mouth is with the purchase of 50,000 QCOM June 70 calls.

  • Watch for Upcoming Earnings to Energize DVN

    3 days ago
    Searching for a bottom in energy stocks has proved a costly endeavor for many traders so far this year. Now with plenty of energy stocks once again showing signs of bottoming, a trader drilled down on Devon Energy (DVN - NYSE) and bought 6,000 DVN August 35 calls for $0.51 each.

  • RH Furnishes 377% Paper Gain in 6 Weeks

    4 days ago
    Early last month, a daring trader bought the dip in RH (RH - NYSE) when the specialty retailer plunged 25% on poor earnings. At the time, it seemed ambitious to be buying 5,000 RH January 70 calls with the stock some 70% away from the strike price. So how has this trade fared?

  • Has IAC Found Love on Wall Street?

    5 days ago
    Parent company to the most popular online dating sites and apps, IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC - NASDAQ) has been heating up since the beginning of summer. Now as the back-to-school season approaches, a sharp trader bought 4,000 IAC August 110/120 bull call spreads at $2.15 apiece.

  • VNTV Registers 96x Daily Volume in Call Options

    8 days ago
    If you're looking for the most unusual options trade today -- or perhaps any day -- look no further than lightly traded payment processor Vantiv (VNTV - NYSE). On average, VNTV trades 73 call options per day. So when a trade crossed the tape for 7,000 VNTV August 70 calls at $0.70 apiece, we paid attention.


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