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Yes, you did alert us that Buffet was rumored to be interested in Kraft. That coupled with the buyer of 10,000 June 67.50 calls convinced me to follow this trade. Lowered my cost basis with 2 more buys as the price went down. Made $48,000 on this trade! Keep ’em coming!

Robb S.

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  • Is LOW Building a Winner?

    3 days ago
    Lowe's (LOW - NYSE) is up 17.8% since the November lows, and now with earnings approaching on March 1 a trader is anticipating more strength. Earlier today, this customer bought 7,000 LOW March 77.5/82.5 bull call spreads. At $1.23 per spread, the total capital outlay amounts to $861,000.

  • Is 2017 the Year for Gold?

    4 days ago
    After falling relentlessly in the second half of 2016, gold is quietly making a strong recovery. Over the last two months, the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD - NYSE) is up 10%. Now some deep pockets thinks it's headed higher. Earlier in today's session, a trader bought 7,500 GLD December 140/155 bull call spreads. At $1.02 per spread, $765,000 was outlaid.

  • Protecting a Warehouse of Profits in COST

    5 days ago
    Costco Wholesale (COST - NASDAQ) is up 19.5% since the election, and now with earnings approaching on March 2 someone is looking to protect against the downside. Earlier today, a trader bought 3,500 COST March 172.50/167.50 bear put spreads expiring March 3.

  • Will JD Deliver on This Aggressive Order?

    6 days ago
    JD.com (JD - NASDAQ) is already up 15.7% on the year, but that's not stopping a sharp trader from getting aggressive on China's online retailer. Earlier in today's session, 25,000 JD March 32 calls were purchased. At $0.40 per contract, these call options are relatively cheap. However, buying a 25,000 lot piles up to a cool $1 million.

  • How to Insure Your Gains on a Top-Heavy Stock

    7 days ago
    Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI - NYSE) is among the beneficiaries of the so-called "Trump Rally," up over 23% since November as investors pour into stocks set to profit from a potential infrastructure boom. But now with earnings on deck next week, a key trader seems to be growing concerned about the looming downside.

  • Sharp Paper Likes Facebook

    10 days ago
    In less than five years since going IPO, Facebook (FB - NASDAQ) has become one of the ten biggest companies in the world. And according to some unusually large trades we're seeing cross the tape, it won't be slowing down anytime soon. Earlier today, someone forked over $3.3 million for 7,000 FB April 135 calls.


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