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Yes, you did alert us that Buffet was rumored to be interested in Kraft. That coupled with the buyer of 10,000 June 67.50 calls convinced me to follow this trade. Lowered my cost basis with 2 more buys as the price went down. Made $48,000 on this trade! Keep ’em coming!

Robb S.

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  • Can HPE Rally into Year End?

    2 hours ago
    Hewlett Packard (HPE - NYSE) gained 54% overall in 2016, but this year been a different story. HPE has given back a little over half of what it had built up, spending recent months consolidating sideways. But according to a sharp trader who just bought 7,000 HPE January 18 calls, expect HPE to rally into the end of the year.

  • Which FANG Stock is Most Liked?

    1 day ago
    Bulls returned with a vengeance once again today, boosting the S&P 500 ($SPX) by a full 1%. We saw many outsized options trades cross the tape, most noticeably Facebook (FB - NASDAQ) wherein 5,000 FB November 170 calls were purchased for $7.90 each.

  • Will LULU Pop Up on Earnings?

    2 days ago
    Lululemon Athletica (LULU - NASDAQ) has fallen some this year, namely in March when it tumbled 16% in a single session. But looking to the chart you can see LULU has since recovered, and is doing its best to hold above the 200-day moving average.

  • Is This AMZN Dip a Prime Entry Window?

    5 days ago
    On July 27 with Amazon.com (AMZN - NASDAQ) screaming higher, headlines everywhere christened Jeff Bezos as the world's richest man, surpassing Bill Gates. However, Amazon reported earnings after the market closed that same day, and the stock sold off and has been skidding ever since.

  • Will SBUX Stumble 25%?

    6 days ago
    Starbucks (SBUX - NASDAQ) has been among the strongest performing stocks for years, as the coffee chain expanded its menu and locations to virtually every street corner. But now facing increased competition, SBUX looks to be firmly entrenched in a downtrend. So just how low can SBUX go?

  • Unusual Options Volume Comes into the FOLD

    7 days ago
    After tipping you to some unusual biotech activity yesterday, today brought about heavy call options volume in Amicus Therapeutics (FOLD - NASDAQ). Earlier in the session, a trader went in for 7,000 FOLD January 15 calls for about $1.60 per contract.


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