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Yes, you did alert us that Buffett was rumored to be interested in Kraft. That coupled with the buyer of 10,000 June 67.50 calls convinced me to follow this trade. Lowered my cost basis with 2 more buys as the price went down. Made $48,000 on this trade! Keep ’em coming!

Robb S.

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  • Could Tax Reform Unlock This Stock’s Full Value?

    2 days ago
    You may not recognize Altaba (AABA - NASDAQ), but it's the latest incarnation of Yahoo! With so much value staked in Alibaba (BABA - NASDAQ) and tax reform potentially aligning to unlock overseas assets without taking a hit, is AABA a steal at current levels?

  • KO Exemplifies Slow and Steady

    3 days ago
    Given the decline in soft drink consumption, you might be surprised to find Coca-Cola (KO - NYSE) around all-time highs. After diversifying beyond just Coke to stay relevant, how much higher can KO go before fizzling out?

  • After BWLD, Is WEN Next?

    4 days ago
    Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD - NASDAQ) set the stock market ablaze when private-equity firm Roark Capital offered to buy the company for $150 per share. The 24% single-day lift-off in BWLD has sharp traders on the lookout for the next fast-food chain to receive a takeover bid, and it just might be Wendy's (WEN - NASDAQ).

  • Is URBN Bucking the Retail Mold?

    5 days ago
    Would you dare touch a retail stock in the teen apparel niche? Urban Outfitters (URBN - NASDAQ) is nursing a small loss year-to-date, however it's up 50% since its August lows and now back above the 200-day moving average. Could URBN be on the verge of a new long-term uptrend?

  • Oprah Made 500% on This Stock

    6 days ago
    With shares reeling to all-time lows near $7 in October 2015, investors scoffed when Oprah Winfrey disclosed a big investment in Weight Watchers (WTW - NYSE). But Oprah's getting the last laugh -- plus a 500% profit -- because WTW is currently trading at $43.75 and it just might go higher.

  • Can GILD Stop the Bleeding?

    9 days ago
    Gilead Sciences (GILD - NASDAQ) popped over 30% this summer, but has since given most of it back. With GILD now finding support at the 200-day moving average, a trader bought 10,000 GILD 74 strike calls expiring December 1 for $1.20 each.

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