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Bottarelli Research Options is our flagship service that provides daily options trading alerts based on proven secrets and strategies of floor traders that, until now, have never been revealed to the investing public. By acting on hand-picked recommendations straight from Bryan, members not only learn from the best but profit considerably from it.

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On average, at least one (1) alert is issued each day the market is open for trading. However, due to the fast-paced nature of options trading, subscribers can typically expect to receive about three (3) daily alerts, or between ten (10) and fifteen (15) per week. Alerts may contain a recommendation to buy a call or put option, sell a current holding, advice on potential trading opportunities, or a full position update. Each alert is intended to be a quick read, giving the forecast, profit potential, and trade. This allows members to quickly receive the information they need to place the trade by either calling their broker or doing it online. All historical alerts are archived for reference in the Members Area of the Web site. View the archive of all past alerts from Bottarelli Research Options.


The alerts received over the course of a week will contain two (2) to three (3) trades, and each will require no more than 5-10 minutes to read and execute. Of course, weeks with excessive market momentum will warrant more trading opportunities, and weeks with muted market volatility will warrant less trading opportunities. The amount of weekly action all depends on market conditions. All trading recommendations will include a protective stop loss or hedge play to manage risk. Members typically start with at least $10,000 USD in liquid trading capital and allocate between 3-8% for each trade. All positions, whether open or closed, are tracked and displayed in the Members Area of the Web site. Learn the secrets of options research and trading.


Bottarelli Research Options is only made available to a select group of 1,000 members. Spaces are limited to ensure members can get “in” on each play at the right price, let the natural market forces drive the price higher, and get “out” without sacrificing their profit margins.

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