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Dear Trader,

Five urgent “Insider Tip-Offs” just triggered, giving traders like you the chance to make $48,000 on each — virtually overnight.

After detecting highly unusual options activity — likely signaling a merger or acquisition is imminent — you need to act now to cash in.

  • Tip-Off #1 is a $28 million options trade signaling a major consolidation in the transportation sector.
  • Tip-Off #2 is betting $2.19 million on Warren Buffett’s next major acquisition.
  • Tip-Off #3 is hinting at a $5 million play on what we believe could be Verizon’s next buyout.
  • Tip-Off #4 is banking $877,600 on a behind-the-scenes tech company sparking a major bidding war between industry leaders.
  • Tip-Off #5 is cashing in on the next big merger in the casino and gaming industry.

In past years, our Insider Tip-Offs returned 2,571%, 2,250%, 830%, 700%, and scores of other triple-digit gains.

What are “Insider Tip-Offs?”

Let me explain…

On May 23, 2016, we spotted a very unusual options order in Craft Brew Alliance BREW – NASDAQ.

1,600 BREW options cross the tape — 61 times the normal daily volume.

M&A speculation in the beer industry was heating up, and with so much unusual activity BREW appeared to be the next takeover target.

This lead us to recommend buying BREW November 10 calls between $1.00 and $1.50 per contract.

Soon thereafter when Anheuser-Busch Inbev BUD – NYSE agreed to a new commercial agreement with Craft Brew Alliance, BREW shares soared 22%.

Even better, our call options traded as high as $10.80.

That’s a 700% gain.


If you followed our tip, you would’ve turned $10,000 into $70,000!

And this wasn’t just a fluke…

On March 10, 2015, we noticed unusually large options trades crossing the tape in Kraft Foods KRFT – NASDAQ.

We rushed out an immediate alert to our subscribers.

Two weeks later on March 25, the big news hit the wire…

Kraft Foods (KRFT) Stock Soars Today on H.J. Heinz Merger Deal


Kraft, Heinz to Merge, Forming Food Giant

The Wall Street Journal

Kraft Will Merge With Heinz in Deal Backed by 3G and Buffett


In one day, KRFT skyrocketed 48.75%.

But had you followed our exact options recommendation, you could have made a killing.

Just how much?

You could’ve bought the KRFT June 67.50 calls we recommended for $0.70 per contract.

The day of the merger, these same calls closed at $15.75, good for a 2,250% gain.


In pure dollar terms, an initial $7,000 investment turned into $150,000 in profit!

Or put another way, a $47,000 investment would’ve turned into over one million dollars in just over two weeks!

Several of our subscribers followed our advice.

Many of them walked away with a boatload of cash…

Yes, you did alert us that Buffett was rumored to be interested in Kraft. That coupled with the buyer of 10,000 June 67.50 calls convinced me to follow this trade. Lowered my cost basis with 2 more buys as the price went down. Made $48,000 on this trade! Keep ’em coming!

Robb S.

Thanks for the KRFT notice. Purchased contracts for $0.75 and just sold them for $14.20. I will take one of those every month.

Steve F.

I purchased 10 June $67.50 Calls at $0.89 each. This morning I have sold those calls at $13.61 each. One small trade has netted me close to $13,000. You have really made my day, and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EXCELLENT WORK.

Peter J.

Picked up on this alert. Bought at $0.71. Sold today at $13.60. Very good day!!

Don H.

Our tips don’t stop there…

Days later on March 27, we alerted our subscribers about Altera ALTR – NASDAQ — and told them to buy the ALTR April 36 calls for $0.35 apiece.

Within minutes, a rumor broke that Intel INTC – NASDAQ was interested in buying Altera.

ALTR stock jumped from $34.58 up as high as $45.00 — a 30.3% increase.

Our $0.35 calls were instantly worth $9.00 apiece.

In no time flat, you could’ve turned a small bet of $5,000 into $128,571.

That’s a massive 2,571% increase.


In other words…

You Could Have Turned Every $10,000 into Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars in Just One Single Trade!

With profits this high, it’s no wonder I keep getting letters like these from subscribers…

I made out like a bandit on GOOG a couple of weeks back — over $40K profit — biggest win ever!!!!!

Member B.D.

My big question is, how can this be legal? You are basically telling me how to get free money.

Member J.W.

Holy Sh%# Batman! Your crystal ball is in warp drive.

Member T.E.

Every now and then, you hear about the SEC catching people for making these kind of “under the radar” moves.

But not with this…

Our Insider Tip-Offs are 100% legal.

That’s right. You won’t break a single law.

Because here’s what I’m about to show you…

Our proprietary system monitors what the insiders are doing — so you can piggyback on their trades…and not get caught with any of the illegal insider trading.

It’s like getting advanced notice on big, stock-moving events like buyouts, mergers, or secret boardroom deals…

  • All before they make headline news.
  • All before they’re featured all over CNBC.
  • And all before they’re made public to anyone.

I’m talking about returns as high as 2,571%.

That’s like turning every $10,000 into a quarter-million dollars in ten days.

It sounds illegal, but it’s not.

In fact…

In just a moment, I’ll walk you through exactly how you can get in on our top five Insider Tip-Offs for 2017.

Each involves a well-known firm that’s almost guaranteed to make headline news very soon.

Each has the potential to net you $48,000 in profits — overnight.

We’re only sharing this lucrative information with 250 new members, starting today.

Click below if you’re ready to get started.

Maybe you’re wondering how exactly our Insider Tip-Offs work, or who I am, or why on earth I’d share such profitable trades with you.

If so, keep reading…

“This Was an Unusual $690,000 Bet”

My name is Bryan Bottarelli.

I’m a former trader on the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE), and founder of Bottarelli Research.

I’ve been a trader long enough to know that insider trading makes for a quick ticket to fines (or jail).

But here’s the loophole…

By law, the time and sale of each options trade (on any stock, on any exchange, anywhere) must be made publicly available for all to see.

By dilligently monitoring the options tape, fellow trader Dan Levy can effectively “bug” CEOs around the country, getting insider news of boardroom deals, mergers, and buyouts — all before it’s announced.

Several advanced trading platforms give you access to this information in real-time.

Watching these trades gives you a constant stream on what people expect certain stocks to do in the future.

Not only is monitoring these trades 100% legal, it also relies on public information.

You just have to watch every single trade in real-time.

As Dan says, it’s like…

Having a “Wiretap” on Every Single Company in the Country

As with any police wiretap, 99% of the time you’ll be listening to insignificant small talk or background noise.

But every now and then, you get a snippet of incriminating evidence.

You catch the insiders in action.

How does this work in practice?

Take a look at what happened with Williams Partners WPZ – NYSE.

Williams Partners is a mid-sized energy company. They manufacture equipment like natural gas piping and valves.

On March 13, WPZ stock was trading right around $47.00.

The average trading volume of WPZ options was around 1,700 contracts per day.

So, when Dan saw a customer step up and buy 3,000 WPZ June 50 call options for $2.30, it was clear something big was about to happen.

As Dan said, “This was an unusual $690,000 bet.”

The tip was in, and Dan alerted subscribers.

Then on May 13, the news broke…

Williams to Buy Williams Partners for $13.8 Billion in Stock


Williams Partners (WPZ) Stock Spikes After $14 Billion Purchase by Williams Co.


Williams Companies Inc Acquires Williams Partners LP Sending Its Units Soaring 21%

The Motley Fool

On this news, shares of WPZ rallied all the way up to $57.60.

The options Dan recommended jumped to $9.00, good for a 291% gain.


Now, did the initial trader have some inside knowledge about this buyout?


It’s impossible to say for sure.

Either way, risking $690,000 on a single trade without a good reason (like an upcoming buyout) is just plain dumb.

In fact, that’s why we often refer to these tip-offs as “Sharp Paper” trades.

That’s because the person making them is a “sharp” trader acting on inside information.

You Can Profit Just as Much When a Stock Goes Down

Look at the tip we caught on Michael Kors KORS – NYSE

On May 18, a $364,000 bet came a few days before earnings were to be announced.

Someone had obviously gotten word that they would be lousy, and was getting positioned to cash in.

Sure enough, KORS delivered a poor report, and the stock got slaughtered.

As Forbes reported…

Kors Shares Plunge 19% On Weak Outlook


If you’d purchased the KORS June 58.50 puts at $1.30 apiece, you’d have turned a quick 830% profit.


In fact, the beauty of this strategy is that our Insider Tip-Offs work with all types of stocks.

  • Insider Tip-Offs Work With Small-Cap Stocks

    On May 28, you could have tailed a tip-off on Heron Therapeutics HRTX – NASDAQ. When positive results from a drug study were announced, you could’ve made 233%.

  • Insider Tip-Offs Work With Mid-Cap Stocks

    On March 3, you could’ve tailed a tip-off on Golar Limited GLNG – NASDAQ. When Golar announced a major energy project in Equatorial Guinea, you could’ve netted 604%.

  • Insider Tip-Offs Work With Large-Cap Stocks

    On August 26, you could’ve tailed a $1,200,000 tip-off on Facebook FB – NASDAQ. You would’ve turned $3,000 into $17,172.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this…

Who Would You Rather Listen To?

Would you rather follow some talking head on TV who can spout whatever “advice” he feels like without any consequences if he’s wrong?

Or a top Wall Street insider who has six- or seven-figures on the line for his own trade?

I know what I’d put my money on.

Especially after past Insider Tip-Offs lead to triple- and quadruple-digit gains.

So why doesn’t everyone take advantage of these Insider Tip-Offs?

After all, these trades are all public information, right?

The answer? Noise.

Let me explain…

What Keeps These Sharp Paper Tip-Offs Hidden to All But a Select Few?

Have you ever tried to pay close attention to two conversations at once?

It’s almost impossible.

The brain isn’t capable of concentrating on both of them at the same time. Inevitably, you’ll miss some critical details.

Now, imagine trying to listen to a million conversations at the same time.

That’s how many options trade on a single day.

Of those millions of trades, only a handful of them are legitimate tip-offs.

Tracking all of them is physically impossible. Your brain simply can’t keep up with the overwhelming flow of information.

Plus, these insiders work hard to “disguise” their trades.

For instance, they’ll deploy tactics such as making their trades in multiple small orders to ensure they get the best price (and to avoid getting caught by the SEC).

Even if you manage to spot the big trade, there’s no certainly that it’s a true tip-off.

For example, it could be a hedge on existing position.

Or, it could be part of a two-part trade.

Or, it could be a “roll” where someone is pushing their long position out to the next month.

The point is…

You have to run a detailed analysis on every potential trade to make sure you have a genuine tip-off.

And, you have to do it quickly. Some of these trades can be over in moments.

It takes a rare individual to be able to find these winners on a consistent basis.

It takes someone like Dan Levy.

Just Revealed: Our Top 5 Tip-Offs of 2017

Dan has a unique ability to piece together clues hiding in plain sight.

He can use the same information everyone else is looking at to profit from unusual trading activity.

It comes from his days working for an options trading firm on the Chicago Board of Exchange.

He handled 500 to 700 trades per day from the top investment firms in the world.

Soon he began to recognize patterns for success and failure. He gained the ability to quickly sift through the market’s noise and identify which trades were most likely to be winners.

Within a few years, he was one of the firm’s leading traders.

Dan was even personally mentored by the founder of the company — a sweatshirt-wearing millionaire who was once featured in Cranes Business Magazine for turning $250,000 from friends and family into $100 million.

All this is to say, Dan’s background gives him a unique ability when it comes to finding profitable opportunities in the options market.

And today, Dan is willing to share is best trades with you through our exclusive subscription.

It’s called Bottarelli Research Live.

You can consider it your own private detective agency for the options market.

Dan monitors all of the insider activity, and hands you winning trading opportunities week in, week out.

Search all you want, but these opportunities are simply not available anywhere else.

In fact…

Right now, Dan has identified 5 Major Tip-Offs that could trigger at any moment.

All 5 trades are revealed in our latest report, “The 2017 Tip-Off Report.”

This report is free for all new members. You can access it the moment you subscribe.

Just know that we’re only accepting 250 new members.

I’ll explain why we’re keeping our ranks so small in just a moment.

But first, you need to lock in your space in our group.

To become one of the 250 members to receive our top Insider Tip-Offs for 2017, you’re invited to join Bottarelli Research Live today.

How do you determine if Bottarelli Research Live is right for you?

You should be able to answer “Yes” to the following questions…

Question #1

Are you capable of repeating simple instructions to a broker, or placing an order using an online trading platform?

We’ll be trading using this simple 3-step process…

Buy the Option When We Give You The Tip-Off Step #1

The moment Dan spots insider activity, he’ll send out an alert with precise instructions for making the trade.

In it, you’ll get:

  • Full details on situation, the sharp paper tip-off, and what Dan believes will happen with the company.
  • The exact stock option to buy (call or put, expiration date, strike price, etc.).
  • The “cut-off” for buying the option.

It’s up to you how you want to receive these alerts.

You can get them by email.

You can get them via mobile app notifications.

You can get them automatically from our website.

Many of our subscribers prefer to receive instant notifications on their iPhone or iPad.

One member told me that he was on the golf course, saw Dan’s alert, and called his broker to make the trade.

Minutes later, he was back to launching a long, clean drive down the fairway.

And by the time he was putting, he had an extra $5,000 in his account.

Of course, you don’t have to have a broker like he did.

You can use any popular online brokerage like E*TRADE, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, etc.

But regardless of how you get the alert or how you place the trade, it’s very important that you pay close attention to Dan’s instructions.

That’s why Dan makes his instructions easy to follow.

He spells out the exact options order to execute. And he details the full reasoning behind the trade.

Wait for the Big News to Break Step #2

Most of the time, you’ll be holding onto the options for a couple days (though it can be as long as a few months and as short as a few hours).

Dan keeps close tabs on all of the open positions, ready to send the “sell” alert the moment the news breaks.

He’ll also send you a complete position recap every Wednesday after the close, summarizing where things stand with all the open trades.

Cash In Big When the Option Price Spikes Step #3

Just after breaking news buyout, merger, or deal sends the option price skyward, Dan will send a “sell” alert to tell you when to take your profits and get out.

There’s no guesswork involved.

All you have to do is follow Dan’s simple instructions.

But first, you need to answer…

Question #2

Are you able to dedicate the resources necessary to make this work for you?

The advantage of Bottarelli Research Live is that, because we’re using the leverage of options, it does not require a great deal of capital to take part in these investments.

However, I strongly recommend that if you want to get the most out of these recommendations, you initially dedicate at least $10,000 of your portfolio our trades.

Here’s why…

Each week, Dan will send you 5 or more of his best recommendations — companies about to announce big, stock-moving news such as a buyout, merger, or secret deal.

And we want you to be sure you can get in on as many of these opportunities as possible.

For as you know, there are no certainties in the market.

One option might go up 33%.

Another might go up 9%.

And still another might go up 900%.

We recommend that you have enough capital to enter multiple trades at the same time. That way you won’t miss out on the grand-slam winners. (You’ll want to have maximum exposure to these double-, triple-, and even quadruple-digit gains.)

This is why, again, I suggest having a minimum of $10,000 to start.

You can absolutely have more if you want. Or you can have less.

It’s totally up to you and your situation.

But this allows you the flexibility to pick and choose which (and how many) of these opportunities you want to take advantage of.

All right. I’ve asked you two questions.

Question #1: Are you capable of repeating simple instructions to a broker, or placing an options order online?

Question #2: Are you able to dedicate the resources necessary to make this work for you?

If you answered “Yes” to both of them, then I only have one more question to ask to help you determine whether you can get the maximum benefit from this service…

Question #3

Are you willing to take this seriously?

I realize I’ve shown you an incredible collection of winning trades. This is all very exciting, and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment.

But we’re getting to the point where it’s time to put this into action. And, it’s very important that you take this seriously.

I’m not saying Bottarelli Research Live is only for full-time trading pros with decades of experience. In fact, this research service is for everyone.

But if you’re going to take full advantage of this opportunity, you need to commit to it. You’ve got to dedicate yourself.

I believe that in life you get out what you put in.

This opportunity is no different.

If you’re going to make serious profits from these trades, you’ve got to take them seriously. Obviously, you shouldn’t take what we say blindly. Do your own do due diligence and make informed trades based on your situation and goals.

But this service won’t do you any good if you go in halfway — or if you don’t take action.

You’ve got to commit. And since we’re only able to accept a tiny number of new subscribers right now, it’s very important that we have the right people in our group.

The reason for accepting only 250 new clients is that having too many people causes the price of the options to move away from our members.

Too much volume could attract unwanted attention from other traders — and prevent some members from getting in on a potentially life-changing trade (such as the 5 Insider Tip-Offs now available).

We want everyone who subscribes to have a fair shot at these trades.

So right now, we’re only accepting 250 new members on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After we hit our 250-member cap, the only way you can join is if another member decides to leave the group (which doesn’t happen too often).

This “one out, one in” policy means that if you don’t act today, you may end up waiting more than a year for an available spot to open up.

Since This is a Serious Opportunity, It’s Not Cheap

Personally, I think you should have to pay $7,500 to receive Dan’s trades, plus another $2,500 for “The 2017 Tip-Off Report.”

With the kind of returns our subscribers are raking in, paying $10,000 to get access to this information would be more than fair.

Several members made more than that on their very first trade.

But because I want to make this wealth accessible to more people, you’ll only be paying a fraction of that today.

The published rate of a Bottarelli Research Live 3 month subscription is $1,000.

However, if you act today you’ll get an even better deal.

For a limited time, you can get started for just $749.99.

To get you started on the right foot, you’ll get instant access to…

“The 2017 Tip-Off Report”

In it, you’ll learn how to profit from our top 5 Insider Tip-Offs, including…

  • Tip-Off #1 is a $28 million options trade signaling a major consolidation in the transportation sector.
  • Tip-Off #2 is betting $2.19 million on Warren Buffett’s next major acquisition.
  • Tip-Off #3 is hinting at a $5 million play on what we believe could be Verizon’s next buyout.
  • Tip-Off #4 is banking $877,600 on a behind-the-scenes tech company sparking a major bidding war between industry leaders.
  • Tip-Off #5 is cashing in on the next big merger in the casino and gaming industry.

You’ll find out what trades caught our attention, and more importantly, the specific trades you need to make to follow along.

The moment you sign up, you’ll get full access to this potentially life-changing research.

Join now before it’s too late.

But remember…

Bottarelli Research Live is only for a small, elite group.

Only 250 spaces are available.

Once they are claimed, this offer ends.

This is probably your only chance to get in on these potentially life-changing returns.

So if you’re ready to trade Insider Tip-Offs alongside some of the best traders on Wall Street, I invite you to subscribe today.

I can’t wait to hear about all the money you make.


Bryan Bottarelli
Editor, Bottarelli Research

P.S. I cannot stress the urgency of getting positioned in our top 5 Insider Tip-Offs for 2017. Each of these trades could explode at any moment. All it takes is one hitting the jackpot to change your life.

Claim one of the 250 openings, and cash in when the public becomes aware of what’s about to be revealed to you today.

Don’t wait — lock in your space right now!

What are current members saying? See for yourself…

Cool Profit of $30,000 in 2 Days

I bought 100 contracts for January 35 Calls and sold them today for a cool profit of $30,000 in 2 days!

Paul K.
$20,000 Profit

Hey Dan, great call. 90 contracts of APC for a $20,000 profit. You’re the best!

Member Bob S.
My Biggest Gain Ever

Thanks so much. 25 contracts in at $0.37, out at $2.28. Profit of $4,775 from an account that had less than $1,000 left in it. My biggest gain ever!

Member Mike S.
500% Profits All Week Long

Dan, great call on the PFE calls. I’d take 500% profits on a two-day trade all week long. Keep the ideas coming.

Member Bill C.
Best Trade I Have Ever Made

I made 480%, bought at $0.38, sold this morning at $1.85. Best trade I have ever made.

Member Tony M.

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