Never Before Revealed…

On the eve of calling it quits and walking off the CBOE trading floor for good, the trader named “Tops in America” revealed his most powerful trading secrets for super-charging your profit-margins 10-fold.

A newspaper reporter making $15,000 per year used these secrets to compile a $50 million net-worth.

60 Minutes

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Your Private Invitation

Dear Trader,

If you’re looking for that one “magic bullet” to blast your trading returns into the stratosphere, then step forward, fellow rifleman, and let me plug you into a profit-system unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

These explosively powerful trading secrets were developed, tested, and proven to make literally tens of millions of dollars in the heart of the largest options exchange in the world…the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

When you begin stringing together winner after winner, the cumulative effect is often a windfall of 5, 20, even 100 times your initial investment. It only takes four winning trades to turn $5,000 into $80,000.

In fact, a $4.00 investment just turned into $60.00…a 1,500% gain. That’s how powerful these secrets are. Imagine turning $1,000 into $15,000 on just one trade!

For 30 years, these trading secrets have been hidden from the public, used only by 7-figure floor traders to maintain their competitive edge over individual investors.

But now, for the very first time ever, these trading secrets are being made public.

Starting today, these profit-exploding alerts can start firing your way…raising your trading pedigree…and leveraging every dollar you invest into vast sums of trading profits. Even if you tried hundreds of other trading systems, you’ve never seen anything quite like this.

You must be asking…“Who am I to make such promises, and why am I willing to share these heavily-guarded secrets with you?”

Let me explain…

“The Greatest Money-Making Secret of Your Life”

My name is Bryan Bottarelli, and I entered the game of options trading in the most direct way possible — on the intense floor of the CBOE.

Believe me when I tell you…trading options is a cutthroat game. Standing for eight hours in a sweat-filled trading pit competing against the world’s best floor traders — it makes you grow up in a hurry. Deep in the Apple Computer pit, I fought, scratched, and clawed for trades any way I could. It was very hard work and the stress was tremendous.

Fortunately, two of the best options traders in the business took me under their wing and taught me their most heavily guarded secrets to success — methods that have made millions in the pits of Chicago and New York.

Back in 2001, I was the “CBOE Clerk” for two of the top floor traders in the country — named Dave and Cabot (they prefer to keep their full names anonymous). Dave was a CBOE legend…ranking in the top 1% of professional floor traders in the world. Cabot was a true trading pioneer — whose trading tactics he developed back in 1977 are still taught behind closed doors at the top floor-trading firms.

Sharing Dave and Cabot’s “riflemen-like” mentality, they picked me as their top mentor…and we quickly became friends. They brought me into their “inner circle,” teaching me the secrets that made them each rich.

We dined at Chicago’s top restaurants…we sat courtside at Bulls games…and on cold winter Sundays we watched the Bears with season tickets on the 50-yard line.

In the media room of Dave’s 4-story Lincoln Park grey-stone, we sat in oversized leather chairs, sipped Remy Martin Louis XIII brandy, and talked politics.

But what we did on the CBOE trading floor should really interest you…

Standing in the pits each and every day with Dave and Cabot made me untouchable. Mess with me (this happens to most rookies) and you answer to Dave and Cabot.

With their help, I honed my skills to a razor’s edge, watching and absorbing how these two trading legends earned their seven-figure salaries.

I admit, it was a great position to be in. But it wasn’t a cakewalk…

On average, Dave and Cabot made 800 transactions a day — and they remembered the time, cost, and risk level of every last one of them. Early on, I mistakenly wrote down an order for USD $5.50 instead of USD $5.25. Even though I overbid by just 25 cents, it cost Dave USD $25,000. Needless to say, I learned to pay attention to detail very, very fast.

With repetition comes mastery, and soon I began to see the same patterns and identify the same formations as my mentors. As I spent more time on the trading floor, things began to click and the game began to make more sense.

On an average month, Dave and Cabot each made $150,000.

A really good month brought in $400,000.

The day Apple Computer split its shares 2-for-1, for example, I placed a trade that made Dave $33,000 in eight seconds.

Hundreds of traders were constantly asking Dave and Cabot to teach them their secrets. But like David Copperfield, these trading magicians never revealed their secrets.

And that’s when it hit me…

As their CBOE clerk, I knew how they made every penny.

By standing next to them and placing their trades, I was secretly learning the blueprint for the greatest wealth-building tools ever imaginable.

I was the one person that fully understood the incredible trading secrets Dave and Cabot spent countless hours perfecting. That’s like owning an NFL team with Vince Lombardi as the coach and Joe Montana as the quarterback.

Unfortunately, that’s where the honeymoon ends…

After a year of record-breaking profits, our options firm decided to alter their bonus structure — cutting our profit-share 50% across the board without a salary increase.

It was a calculated risk by the firm…and it backfired miserably.

Many of the top traders left the firm — lead by Dave and Cabot. Seeing my two mentors walk out the door, I also left the firm to join a Baltimore-based publishing company.

Although it’s a few years later, I’ve kept these secrets to myself — occasionally using them to make a trade or two in my personal account. Every trade I’ve ever made has doubled.

Trade% Gain
CAT February 55 Calls166%
ADSK January 35 Calls155%
DNA January 75 Calls131%
PDCO April 75 Calls122%
WFMI August 75 Calls100%
CECO October 50 Calls100%

Although we parted ways, Dave and I remain friends to this day. Last week we met at the CBOE for dinner, and that’s where Dave revealed to me — what could be — the greatest money-making secret of your life…

“Nobody Has Ever Done This Before”

After catching up, Dave explained to me how modern wireless technology has drastically changed the order-flow on the CBOE. Amazingly, 86% of all orders submitted to the CBOE are now executed electronically.

Instead of standing in a pit, Dave now trades “off the floor” using a wireless connection routed directly to his trading desk. By manually setting his trading parameters, he now has a real-time computerized system executing his trades.

“And I’m only trading 15 stocks these days,” he told me.

As Dave explained how limiting his universe to a small pool of stocks allows him to place greater amounts of money on only those companies he’s intimately familiar with…I got an idea.

If Dave is only trading 15 stocks, that means I’m one of the only people in the world who knows how to apply his winning tactics to the hundreds of other stocks trading on Wall Street.

Using these million-dollar trading secrets on the 15 stocks Dave is NOT trading could make tens of thousands of dollars — without any direct competition from Dave.

Not only that, but these secrets have NEVER been revealed to individual traders. It could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

A little background on Dave…

He’s been trading on the CBOE since the late ’70s, so he’s pretty set in his ways. The 15 stocks he’s trading are all blue-chips…old “war horses” that he’s traded his entire career. There are literally hundreds of better stocks with more volatility that he could be trading, but chooses not to. At this point in his career, he just wants to trade what he knows best, even if that means missing out on the very best trading opportunities.

“So Dave…”, I asked.

“How would you feel if I took your methods and applied them to the stocks that you’re NOT trading?”

A long pause…

“Nobody has ever done that before,” he answered. “Anyone getting these trades from you can make as much money as I have.”

“I know,” I quickly responded. “So what do you think?”

Another long pause…

“I’ve spent my entire life perfecting this system. I certainly don’t want the world to know these secrets.”

Thinking quickly, I said “Perhaps you’d be more comfortable if I set a limit of spaces available — and offer these spaces only to a very small group of top traders?”

Then he said the words I’ll never forget…

“You’re going to make some people very, very rich. If you keep the group small — say 1,000 traders — you can use my system.”

With that, my new trading service called Bottarelli Research Options was born.

CBOE Trading Secrets Worth Millions…Now Yours

For the first time ever, the trading tactics Dave and Cabot use to make millions of dollars can now be yours.

Never before has anything like this been revealed to the investing public.

In fact, nowhere else in the world can you learn these secret tactics — and use them in real time — than here with my new trading service. Even if you tried hundreds of other trading systems, you’ve never seen anything quite like this.

When you apply these secrets to your trading, you’ll see an immediate impact on your profits. Dave and Cabot didn’t want to bother with a trade unless it could double their money. That’s why every pick you receive is designed to make 100%. And with their special hedging strategy, you’re risking mere pennies on the dollar.

Over the course of a year — perhaps longer — the secret trading tactics you’ll learn could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can enter each trade for less than $500.

I call these secrets “Automatic Money Principles: 5 Secret CBOE Tactics for 7-Digit Returns.”

If you can commit 10 minutes a day to his amazing profit system, then you could become hundreds of thousands of dollars richer.

Want proof?

Let me give you a brief taste, fellow rifleman, of what these secrets can offer you…

The “Who Cares” Stock Automatic Money Principle #1

A “Who Cares” stock is what I call a company you need to buy despite its seemingly overblown fundamentals.

Without revealing the secret of a “Who Cares” stock, you’re buying a stock with momentum on its side. And if there’s one golden rule of trading, it’s never get in the way of a momentum stock.

It’s a proven fact…momentum stocks will move higher despite valuation ratios like P/E and Price to Book that appear totally absurd. It’s called a “Who Cares” stock because it’s a “buy” despite all these crazy valuation ratios.

How can you possibly make money buying stocks like this?

Value investors constantly bet against momentum stocks. You see, whenever value investors get wind of a stock trading at some absurd P/E multiple, they expect a sudden down-turn in share prices, so they short the stock.

Normally, this tactic makes money.

But when you’re dealing with a momentum stock, this large short position actually creates the exact opposite effect.

Remember, we’re dealing with a momentum stock. So if the stock goes up $2.00 or $3.00, the large portion of shorts get spooked and cover themselves…creating a short-covering effect that leads to an even larger up-move!

What you have is a stock that seemed over-valued at $70 a share now trading for $100…even $150 a share. And you’ve profited off this entire up-move!

A perfect example occurred with CRM – NYSE.

With a P/E multiple of 232, it’s easy to understand why CRM’s valuation is so ridiculous.

But on August 18, we entered the CRM September 100 Calls for $4.80 per contract.

We knew that on August 20, CRM was scheduled to report earnings and according to our research, their report was going to be a blockbuster.

Now, get this…

The chart below shows you the candlestick formation that occurred on August 19, just one day before CRM was scheduled to report earnings.

As you can see, CRM was moving lower…


Most traders got spooked and ran for cover. But not us.

On the CBOE trading floor, I’ve seen this trick before. It’s called a “Market Maker Shakeout.”

Floor traders are simply shaking the tree, which forces weak-bellied investors to sell their shares just before a big earnings pop.

I explained this situation to my subscribers — and we held our calls.

What happened?

The very next day, CRM reported fantastic earnings, and the stock absolutely exploded to the upside.

The chart tells the whole story…


Bottarelli Research members sold the calls for $8.00 per contract, and pocketed a 67% gain.

Some members made even more…

Like Drew M. who made $17,373 playing CRM. He wrote in to say…

I bought 30 CRM contracts at $6.53 and sold them for $12.32. I really appreciate the daily guidance that you supply. They way you are teaching now, I see the importance of staying in it every day.

Member Drew M.

Or Mark G. who made 361%. He said…

Hi Bryan, I love theses earnings play. I sold my calls for 361%.

Member Mark G.

The secret is that individual investors are not able to make these types of trades, simply because they’re brainwashed with the “old-school” mentality of valuation. But in the world of successful trading, a “Who Cares” stock that seems overvalued at $125 will most likely run up to $140…even $200.

As a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options, you’ll learn how to identify a “Who Cares” stock in a matter of minutes. And while most traders miss out on these types of moves, you’ll be making easy 50% to 100% gainers using this trading metric.

And that’s just one of the five Automatic Money Principles you’ll get when you join Bottarelli Research Options…

The “Indisputable Evidence” Play Automatic Money Principle #2

The “Indisputable Evidence” play is probably the single most important indicator used by floor traders. It’s so important because it cannot be disputed.

In other words, when you see this indicator hit, you know — 100 times out of 100 — that a stock’s next move will be higher (or lower — it works both ways).

Without revealing the secret of an “Indisputable Evidence” play, the premise is buying calls or puts on stocks that indicate they will be moving higher or lower over the next 2-3 weeks (but often times even shorter).

That’s why I call it an “Indisputable Evidence” play. When you see a stock trade in this pattern, you know — without looking at anything else — the stock’s bullish or bearish.

It sounds simple, but this one indicator is totally ignored by the general investing public. Nobody off the CBOE floor realizes the significance of the indicator used in the “Indisputable Evidence” play — and this oversight loses individual traders literally tens of millions in trading profits.

This principle was executed to perfection on a company called Coinstar CSTR – NASDAQ.

On October 28, 2010, Coinstar displayed the qualities of the “Indisputable Evidence” play when it traded for $65.00 a share. The moment this happened, I knew the stock was going higher…much higher.

So, I recommended the CSTR November 45 Calls for $2.95.

The very next day, Coinstar blasted higher exactly as we predicted. We sold our calls for $12.20, good for a 314% return.

Just look at the chart below…


Never once have I seen a stock trade against this signal. That’s why floor traders lean on it so heavily. Dave and Cabot used this secret over…and over…and over again. And they made incredible amounts of money.

As a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options, you’ll soon be using this secret to fire off winner after winner. It’s really that easy.

But when you start using Automatic Money Principle #3, you’ll really take your trading to the next level…

The “Always Bullish” Guarantee Automatic Money Principle #3

The “Always Bullish” guarantee is the strongest indicator of a bullish stock you’ll ever see. Like a last-second three-point shot at the buzzer, this trade has been described as “nothing but net”. This secret allows floor traders to own $50, $75, even $100 stocks with a cost basis of $5 or less.

In fact, Mad Money host Jim Cramer used this technique to make $35,000 in ten minutes…and he learned it from studying CBOE floor traders.

[It] always works in a bull market. [It] creates wealth. Instant wealth. In the time it takes a Harvard professor to brainwash a class, I took a gain of more than $35,000 in ten minutes.

Jim Cramer

[It’s] a powerful methodology for consistent winning in the stock market…An excellent method to build wealth.

Without giving away the secret, there are two actions made in the boardrooms of publicly-traded companies that tell you, without any doubt, that a stock will move higher. That’s why it’s called the “Always Bullish” guarantee. The only reason for making these two critical decisions is to help facilitate their stock for its next up-move.

The mainstream media — along with individual investors — typically learn about these actions weeks or months after the fact. By then it’s too late. As a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options, you’ll learn about these opportunities the instant they happen.

There are many examples of this strategy, but the best illustration comes from an older trade we made on biotech firm Genentech DNA – NYSE.

Take a look at this chart…


The moment the “Always Bullish” guarantee happened (marked “buy” above), I bought DNA January 75 Calls. A few months later, I sold these calls for a 131% gain.

When you take a charter membership to Bottarelli Research Options, you’ll learn about these trades weeks, if not months, ahead of individual investors. And if you think a 133% gain is good, wait until you see what super-fast gains generated from Automatic Money Principle #4…

The Downside “Gift Gap” Automatic Money Principle #4

The downside “Gift Gap” doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s practically money in the bank.

The secret is the oldest floor saying in the book, “the trend is your friend.”

The theory goes like this…

No stock goes straight up. Not even the most bullish stock on Wall Street moves up on a straight 45-degree angle. There will be bumps in the road, in terms of profit-taking…one-day sell-offs…or earnings disappointments. The trick is to find a large-cap or mid-cap stock in a bona-fide uptrend…and buy it anytime a one-day moves pushes the stock down 5% or more.

Traders consider this down-move in a bullish stock a “gift,” and they know how to cash in big time.

A perfect example happened with shares of cloud-computing leader F5 Networks FFIV – NASDAQ.

In early January 2011, shares of FFIV got punished, dropping $35.00 in one day because the company slightly missed their earnings.

Most traders panicked and dumped their holdings in FFIV.

Bad move.

Rather than selling out, I recommended buying a series of FFIV call positions — all as momentum started coming back into FFIV.

Watch what happened next…

On February 4, 2011, we entered the FFIV February 125 Calls for $2.20.

An hour after entering the calls, FFIV shot higher. That’s when we sold these calls for $2.85, making a quick 30% return — in 1 hour.

But according to the FFIV chart, this was a stock that was going to keep moving higher.

So, on the next intra-day dip (less than an hour later), we moved back into FFIV February 125 Calls for $3.50.

And once again, within hours, FFIV bounced even higher.

On this move, we sold our calls for $4.60, locking in another 31% return a few hours after our previous gain.

But once again, we were still not done with FFIV…

As the afternoon doldrums set in, FFIV got soft and pulled back yet again.

So, we jumped back into calls yet again. Only this time, we entered the FFIV February 120 Calls for $2.00.

Guess what happened?

Just like the previous two times, FFIV responded by shooting higher.

And once again, we “rang the register” by selling these calls for $2.70, good for a 35% winner.

That’s three trades all in the span of a single trading session — all on FFIV — and all were solid winners.

But the story doesn’t end there…

At the close of trading, we jumped back into another FFIV play.

We entered the FFIV February 130 Calls for $1.20.

And first thing the following morning, we sold these calls for $1.90, good for a sweet 58% return.

Add it up, and that’s four consecutive trades on FFIV that gained 30%, 31%, 35%, and 58% — all in a matter of hours.

The chart below show you these fast-action moves…


If you started with $1,000 and reinvested your profits from one FFIV trade to the next, you would’ve turned $1,000 into $3,639 in less than 2 trading days.

That’s a 3-for-1 return!

$5,000 would’ve grown into $18,196.

And remember, this is one example of what Bottarelli Research can do for you in just two trading days.

Think about that for a second…

If you could’ve made $18,196 in two days, just imagine what you could be making in a month, or even a year.

To start making these returns, the time to join our elite trading group is now. Click below to secure your space!

As you can see, this isn’t pie-in-the-sky stuff…

  • You’ve seen how a “Who Cares” stock made 67% and 44% in one day.
  • You’ve seen how the “Indisputable Evidence” play made 66% in one day.
  • You’ve seen how the “Always Bullish” guarantee made 131%.
  • And you’ve seen how the downside “Gift Gap” made 30%, 31%, 35%, and 58% — all in one day. That’s enough to multiply your money 3-fold!

The final piece of the puzzle completes the trading system…

The One and Only Technical Indicator That Always Works Automatic Money Principle #5

It’s a dirty little secret of floor traders, but most of them use NO technical analysis.


Because in the time it takes them to study a chart — and identify all of the intricate signals involved in pure technical analysis — they’ve probably missed out on making 2 or 3 winning trades.

That’s why most floor traders are trained to use only one simple metric to identify support and resistance points…and it works better than the hundreds of other indicators out there today.

Without giving away the secret, there’s one simple metric found on a stock’s 6-month and 12-month chart that tells you — with a very high degree of accuracy — whether the stock’s up-trends or down-trends will continue.

Stocks in up-trends typically find support at these levels and stocks in down-trends typically find resistance at these levels. Therefore, if an up-trending stock is bouncing off this indicator, it’s safe to buy calls. And if down-trending stocks are selling off at these levels, it’s safe to buy puts.

Our recent trade on Netflix NFLX – NASDAQ is a perfect example…


In late January 2010, NFLX tested — and quickly jumped higher — right at the critical $50 level. This was a sure-fire sign that NFLX was going to move higher, and that’s when I recommended buying call options.

On January 27, we entered the NFLX February 52.50 Calls QNQ BQ for $2.20.

Not long after that, NFLX exploded in value, and we sold our calls for $9.30, good for a 323% return!

And remember, these aren’t “theoretical” or “hypothetical” gains. These trades represent real-life winners that were generated from our unique profit system.

For example, subscriber Jerry M. made 340% on the NFLX trade. He said…

Bryan, I sold the Netflix calls for $10. I bought yesterday for $2.27. Thanks a lot for the tip.

Member Jerry M.

Terry E. turned $1,145 into $3,332 overnight. He confirmed it by emailing us the following morning with this to say…

I turned $1,145 into $3,332 overnight. Home Run!

Member Terry E.

And then there’s member Mike S. who made $15,000 in 16 hours. He wrote in to say…

Bryan, I’m new to your service. I pulled the trigger on NFLX calls at $2.25 and just sold them at $9.80! 335%, $15,000 in 16 hours. What a great call! Thank you!

Member Mike S.

When you join Bottarelli Research Options, you’ll learn how to eliminate countless hours of chart studying by using one simple trading technique.

Put all five secrets together, and you have a trading service with a financial pedigree unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

What kind of money are we talking about?

Our historical track record tells the whole story…

Back in 2006, an independent auditor (who carries a Ph.D. from Princeton University) reviewed the entire 2006 Bottarelli Research track record — winners and losers combined — and his conclusion was remarkable:

I found that with 3% trading, the annual return of 2006 is 46.5%. And with 8% trading, the return is 161%. These are by far the best performances I’ve seen.

Of course, everyone’s account is different of course, but this goes to show you just how profitable a Bottarelli Research Options membership can be for your personal wealth.

But that’s only the beginning…

Going into 2007, our trading results got even better.

In fact, this system is literally knocking pick after pick out of the ballpark. From May 29 to July 19, we hit winners on 30 out of 33 trades. That’s an amazing 91% accuracy rating with winners that include:

Trade% Gain
SPY August 150 Puts72%
POT July 75 Calls66%
ICE June 145 Calls104%
AMX May 50 Calls40%
NDAQ June 30 Calls66%
AGN July 115 Calls65%
WFR May 65 Calls53%
DIA April 121 Puts55%
LEH April 70 Puts41%
DIA March 126 Puts257%
PTR April 110 Puts49%
CTSH April 90 Puts70%
DIA March 126 Puts271%

In 2008, the global financial meltdown hit most investors hard. But Botttarelli Research members continued to grow their wealth, hitting winners that included:

Trade% Gain
OII January 70 Calls78%
GENZ August 75 Calls55%
AKS August 70 Calls62%
SDS August 65 Calls36%
SHLD August 80 Puts31%
DRYS August 80 Calls30%
CAT August 70 Calls45%
APA July 120 Puts53%
VIX July 25 Calls36%
DUG July 28 Calls61%
AZO July 120 Puts53%
EXM June 45 Calls52%
SPWR May 100 Calls53%
SOLF June 12.5 Calls60%
BGH January 120 Calls33%
TSO February 40 Calls50%
X February 95 Puts31%
FXI February 149 Puts26%
DIA February 122 Puts30%
IBKR March 35 Calls22%
DIA February 120 Puts31%
LEH March 55 Puts23%
FXI February 149 Puts26%
DIA February 122 Puts30%

The gains continued to flow in 2009…

In fact, in August of 2009, a new trading tactic was added to the successful Bottarelli Research method that uses a basket of calls and puts to play stocks on the verge of reporting earnings.

This method is so profitable because you make money as long as a stock makes a big move on earnings day. The beauty is, it doesn’t matter if the move is up or down.

You make money either way!

A perfect illustration of this comes from a trade we made on Cree CREE – NYSE.

On January 18, 2011 we knew that Cree was days away from an earnings announcement that would send shares aggressively higher — or lower.

We didn’t know the direction, but that was irrelevant. As long as the move was large enough, we knew how to make money.

We paid a total of $5.32 for a special position called an “Earnings Strangle.”

What happened next?

As you can see, CREE got decimated, falling from $70 down to $50. That’s when we sold our CREE earnings strangle for $9.21 and locked in a 73% return.


If you read any options training manual, you’ll be told that you can’t make big returns using this type of strategy.

Don’t believe this nonsense.

After all, on April 19 we made 218% playing an “Earnings Strangle” on Whirlpool WHR – NYSE.

Best of all, since the direction of the move is irrelevant, your risk on these plays is strictly limited!

These are the trading secrets that separate Bottarelli Research from every other trading service in existence.

In fact, the addition of this powerful new methodology shot our already-impressive returns into the stratosphere.

Just look at our most recent track record…

In January of 2010, Bottarelli Research hit winners on 22 out of 27 trades, good for an amazing 81% accuracy rate.

And get this…

Included in this winning streak was an amazing 322% gain on Netflix calls, which helped some Bottarelli Research members gain $15,000 overnight!

But that’s just the beginning…

  • In February of 2010, Bottarelli Research hit winners on 19 out of 21 trades, good for a 90% accuracy rate.
  • In March and April, the gains continued with winners of 43%, 45%, 53%, 55%, and even a whopping 225%. Then in May, Bottarelli Research followed up with winners of 38%, 66%, 111%, and even another stellar 154%.
  • From June to September, Bottarelli Research hit winners on 58 out of 68 trades, good for an astounding 85% accuracy rating.
  • And most recently, Bottarelli Research hit winners on 17 out of 19 trades, good for another 89% accuracy rating.

Included in this recent winning string was another stunning 314% winner on Coinstar November 45 Calls!

We’ve also perfected a method for fast-action trading.

In 2010, for example, Bottarelli Research made 203 trades lasted 24 hours (or less).

Of this total, 175 trades were winners, good for a whopping 86% accuracy rating.

Better yet, these 203 fast-moving trades averaged 21% — that’s winners and losers combined!

That’s an amazing statistic…

Imagine making 21% on 203 separate occasions last year.

Excluding weekends and market holidays, that’s like making 21% every single trading session!

What could this mean for you?

Using our exact buy and sell recommendations from 2010, a $1,000 investment in each of these fast-moving plays would’ve resulted in $42,270 in pure profits.

A $5,000 investment in each play would’ve made you $212,353!

And remember, since you’re taking profits so quickly, your trading capital isn’t tied up very long. You’re making 21% over and over again, day after day!

When you start compounding these returns, your money multiplies very quickly.

Take a typical week of Bottarelli Research trading…

Making 21% on five consecutive trades can grow an original $1,000 investment into $2,585.

That’s more than doubling your money in one week.

Now imagine doing this for a month…

Your original $1,000 could grow into $17,280. That’s a serious return.

Do this for a year, and well, you get the idea…

This real-life customer testimonial from Larry S. tells you the whole story…

I am a subscriber to your Bottarelli Research services. I’d like you to know that since joining, I’ve been able to increase the value of my investment portfolio nearly 100%. Again, thank you and you may use this as a testimonial.

Member Larry S.

The Bottom Line: When you look at the phenomenal Bottarelli Research track record — compiled over the last five years during a volatile and frustrating market environment — it’s crystal clear that this is one of the only research services in the country that delivers consistent winners in ANY MARKET ENVIRONMENT.

So, at this point, the big question is…“Do you have what it takes to use these trading secrets?”


That’s why you’re receiving this unique invitation today.

I don’t throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things. Read Sun-tzu, The Art of War. Every battle is won before it is ever fought.

Gordon Gekko in Wall Street

The objective of Bottarelli Research is very simple: To help you make money.

To accomplish that goal, you’ll receive actionable trading strategies that’ll elevate your trading beyond anything you’ve ever experienced — offering you a long-lasting and rewarding relationship that’ll benefit you and your family for years to come.

Within minutes of subscribing to Bottarelli Research Options, you’ll get your password to our Members Area… and access to the free report titled “Automatic Money Principles: 5 Secret CBOE Tactics for 7-Digit Returns.

This report outlines the parameters you’ll be using when you join Bottarelli Research. After that, you’ll begin receiving my real-time trading alerts that use these five secret tactics to make super-charged profits.

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But first, let me address an important issue…

“If These Secrets Are So Good, Why Share Them?”

I’ve been asked, “If these secrets are so good, why share them with others?”

The answer is simple…

  • Options Trading is More Popular Than Ever

    According to the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), option trading volumes continued to grow at a record pace, recording a gain for the 13th time in 14 years. In fact, the CBOE has seen trading volumes increase an amazing 337% since 1999. This remarkable growth has forced the exchanges to accommodate a much larger pool of incoming trades. This additional liquidity provides more than enough trades to be executed, so I lose nothing by teaching you what I know.

  • Because So Few Individual Investors Understand These Strategies, You’ll Have Very Little Competition — If Any At All

    By limiting the membership to 1,000 charter members, you’re ensured that you can get “in” on each play at the right price…let the natural market forces drive the price higher…and get “out” without sacrificing your profit margins.

  • There’s Nothing More Rewarding Than Knowing You’ve Helped Someone Else Get Rich

    If I help you take your trading to a whole new level, creating meaningful wealth and financial security, the odds are good that you’ll share equally profitable trading ideas with me. This type of open-source profit relationship is what you can soon enjoy each and every trading day as a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options.

  • And Most Importantly, We Can All Make Money

    If you benefit financially from my trading secrets, you’re not stealing profits away from me. In other words, we can all get rich.

You’ll quickly see that membership into my select group isn’t just another newsletter subscription. Rather, you’ll be joining a tight-knit community of traders whose one and only goal is to help each other get rich.

I’m looking for 1,000 of the brightest and smartest “riflemen” traders to enroll as a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options and capitalize on these amazing trading secrets. As a charter member, you can rest assured that this tight-knit community of top traders will be the only ones allowed to join my service.

In other words, this may be your only opportunity to join Bottarelli Research Options.

After the 1,000 member cap is reached, the only way you can join is if a charter member decides to leave the group. This “one-out, one-in” policy means that if you don’t act today, you may end up waiting more than a year for a space to open up.

Please don’t miss out. In fact, to fully understand and appreciate the value of my research, it’s important that you know my three core beliefs.

  • The CBOE is The Greatest Money-Making Creation in The World Belief #1

    Trading is an art that many think they can do…but few do very well. If you can learn the art of successful trading, you’ll possess a lifelong wealth building skill. The creation of the CBOE makes it possible for anyone to make millions. I’m here to help you achieve this goal.

  • To Be The Best, You Must Learn From The Best Belief #2

    No matter what anyone says, you simply cannot learn how to trade successfully through any textbook, how-to manual, or DVD training series. The only way to truly capture the essence of trading is to find the best trader on the floor…and stand beside him for one whole year. The patterns you’ll see, the trades you’ll witness, and the mentality you’ll learn equates to literally years and years of classroom theory. This is the path I’ve taken…and now I’m willing to share these secrets with you.

  • Everyone Wants a Good Deal Belief #3

    No matter if you’re buying a car or buying a candy bar, finding a good deal is critical to every purchase you’ll ever make. That’s why I’m offering you what I call the “$10 into $30 Guarantee.”

If You Give Me One Year…

How confident am I that you’ll make vast sums of money?

If you commit a minimum of $10,000 to this trading service, and you allocate between 3% to 8% of that to each of my trades, then I guarantee your account will be at least $30,000 by the end of your 12 months.

That means you’re risking between $300 to $800 per trade to make $30,000. That’s risking less than 3% of your total $10,000 to make $30,000.

Does that work for you?

It’s called the “$10 into $30 Guarantee” and that’ how confident I am in these trading secrets. If that’s a compelling guarantee, then I invite you to enroll in my charter membership today.

What if you don’t turn $10,000 into $30,000? In the rare occurrence that I don’t deliver on my guarantee, then I’ll buy back your space*. This way, your decision to become a charter member is a no-brainer.

Remember, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked shoulder-to-shoulder alongside some of the leading floor traders in the world. The trading information you’ll be receiving is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly even millions, if applied correctly.

For the first time, some of my past colleagues have agreed to allow me to use their best trading information, available only through Bottarelli Research Options. Since no other floor traders have ever shared these secrets with individual investors, nowhere else — not even on other Internet sites — will you find this type of trading available.

Trading like this is NOT guesswork.

Rather than second-guess patterns, you’ll learn how to trade only on indisputable facts.

Trading like this is NOT investing.

Investors are lucky if they make 6% each year. Through the leverage of options and the proven success of these trading techniques, you could be making 60% to 100% EACH MONTH!

The whole strategy is outlined for you in your free report titled “Automatic Money Principles: 5 Secret CBOE Tactics for 7-Digit Returns.”

The moment you become a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options, you will receive your login to the Members Area, where you can access this valuable trading handbook.

You’ll also start to receive Bottarelli Research Options trading alerts, which highlight and recommend the very best opportunities to double your money in any market.

* Subscription “buy backs” are fulfilled as prorated refunds in accordance with our refund policy.

Not only that, but you’ll also get a second free report titled “The Art of Picking Winners.”

Identifying winning profit formations is one thing…but the art of picking the right option is an entirely separate process. In this quick-hit manual, you’ll learn the professional principles that’ll help you to never again pick the wrong stock option.

You’ll understand…

  • Art Form #1: A 30-second way to understand whether an option is under-priced or over-priced.
  • Art Form #2: The only thing you need to know about volatility.
  • Art Form #3: How to determine whether a stock is ALWAYS bullish or ALWAYS bearish.
  • Art Form #4: How to make money even when you’re wrong.
  • Art Form #5: The secret of delta — the most important option variable in existence.

You’ll see how to eliminate errors that you’re probably making right now, and learn other important factors including:

  • How trading less can actually make you more money.
  • How to know when you’re chasing price…and a two-second way to correct it.
  • How floor traders use a “Bait and Switch” play against you — and how to turn the tables against them.

Both reports, “Automatic Money Principles: 5 Secret CBOE Tactics for 7-Digit Returns” and “The Art of Picking Winners” are yours FREE when you join Bottarelli Research Options.

But before I go any further, let me make several things clear…

First, you’re receiving this invitation because you have what it takes to be a “rifleman” trader. If you’re happy earning a measly 0.50% a year with a “buy and hold” investment strategy, then please do not sign up. But if you’re ready to make a couple of trades a month, and want to quickly bag returns of 75%, 100%, even 300% in a matter of days, then you’re the kind of trader that will capitalize on this research service.

Second, you will not hear about this opportunity anywhere else on the planet. There’s a limited amount of this investment available to the general public. So if this opportunity interests you, do not drag your feet.

And third, you need a minimum of $10,000 of liquid trading capital to begin. If that’s too much money for you, do not bother reading any further.

“But I Don’t Have Time to Follow Another Investment Service”

You may have the initial reaction that you won’t be able to keep up with this service, but you’ll quickly realize three things with Bottarelli Research Options:

  1. Your alerts will get to the point quickly. When a Bottarelli Research Options action alert hits your email inbox, it’s intended to be a 2-minute read. You’ll get the situation, the forecast, the profit potential, and the trade. You then call your broker (or enter the trade online) and are done in 10 minutes total.
  2. You’ll soon come to trust the quality of the trades, the accuracy of the predictions, and the timeliness of the trading. Once you get a series of five or six consecutive winners under your belt (like our recent 30 out of 33 winning streak), you’ll see what a truly remarkable system this is — and you’ll start enjoying the ride.
  3. You’ll find no other way to receive this type of trading service. The secrets you’ll be using with Bottarelli Research Options are truly unique. Few people understand them…and not many individual investors use them. This is a one-time offer to get these secrets by accepting a charter membership today.

If You’re Not Satisfied, I’ll “Buy Back” Your Space

As a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options, you’ll get your login to the Members Area and access to the free reports I told you about in this letter:

  • Automatic Money Principles: 5 Secret CBOE Tactics for 7-Digit Returns
  • “The Art of Picking Winners”

You’ll also have an instant lifeline to explosive trading recommendations via email as soon as it’s time to place a trade. It’s up to you at that point to take action.

Trades come out anytime an instant profit opportunity arises. But just to keep you updated on all of your open positions, I’ll also send you a weekly update, typically every Wednesday after the market closes. That way, you’re never left wondering about my thoughts or strategies on any of our open plays.

Remember, you also get my “$10 into $30 Guarantee.” If you place these trades for one full year, I guarantee you’ll turn $10,000 into $30,000.

What happens if you decide this type of trading is not for you?

If you’re not satisfied, I’ll “buy back” your space and simply offer it to the next person on the waiting list. I’ll pay you $150 for every unused month of service. That way, your subscription cost is always contained.

I think that’s fair, don’t you?

The Bottom Line

I don’t want to take up any more of your valuable time. You either recognize this tremendous opportunity or you don’t.

  • I’m offering you a charter membership into the best research and trading service available anywhere on the market. The secret trading strategies you’ll be using have been perfected for over 30 years in the heart of the most cutthroat options pit in the world…the CBOE. For the first time, some of my past colleagues have agreed to allow me to use their best trading information available only through Bottarelli Research Options. This information is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly even millions, if applied correctly. Since no other floor traders have even shared these secrets with individual investors, no where else on the Internet will you find this type of trading.
  • I’m offering you a chance to turn a minimum investment of $10,000 into $30,000 in 12 months…all while keeping your total risk around $300 per trade. (And with the professional hedging strategy you’ll learn, your “true” risk is only $50 to $100).
  • And I’m offering you the flexibility to “sell back” your charter membership if you decide this type of trading is not for you.

The truth is, most people never get ahead financially because they’re too late to capitalize on wealth-building opportunities…or they’re unaware of secret tactics used by the pros.

This is a limited-time invitation to become a charter member to Bottarelli Research Options — a financial advisory service that could make you a minimum of $30,000…perhaps hundreds of thousands more. It would be a lost opportunity to pass this up and let someone else make money in your place.

This service represents 30 years of experience, effort, and hard-earned lessons of successful trading. With such a strict subscriber limit, I could easily sell one year of service for $10,000. Heck, you can make that off your first winning trade.

But as part of this charter membership, you can join today for $2,800 per year. Or, if you would feel more comfortable with a shorter term, we offer a 6-month subscription for $1,500. If you simply want to try the service out, you can join for 3 months for only $800. We do not offer any special deals or discounts.

Yes, a subscription to Bottarelli Research Options costs more than your standard trading service, but in the movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) said, “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”

This is 100% true.

The trading information you’ll be receiving is so valuable, it’s worth 100-times the cost you’ll pay. After your first few trades, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Look at it this way…

You can keep losing money off sub-par trading services, or you can join the best. It’s entirely up to you.

To secure your spot in this limited-time charter membership to Bottarelli Research Options, click the button below and sign up using our secure order form.

I look forward to welcoming you into my small group of rich “riflemen” traders.


Bryan Bottarelli
Editor, Bottarelli Research

P.S. Over the years, the stunning Bottarelli Research track record, combined with the sharp, no-frills commentary, caught the eye of, Forbes, PR Newswire, and Yahoo! Finance…who have all published my unique option strategies. I’ve also been a guest on financial shows like The Morning Show, Let’s Talk Money, and Money Matters. My strategies have also been published in a best-selling hard-back titled “Hot Trading Secrets” and another book titled “Barbarians of Wealth.” But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take one look at the long list of member testimonials we’ve received, and the profit potential becomes crystal clear:

I Made About $24,000 Yesterday

Hey Bryan, I am a new member as of two weeks ago. My first trade was Diamond trust which went up about 400%. I made about 24K yesterday. GREAT CALL.

Member D.B.
I Want to Thank You — My Account is Up Some $27,000

Bryan, as the year comes to a close I wanted to thank you for a very prosperous relationship so far. I haven’t calculated the actual gains yet, but I know for sure that my account is up some $27,000 and change on your picks alone.

Member S.M.
My Account is Up 99.66% in One Month

Dear Bryan, (I) started an OptionsXpress account with a $76,000 deposit. As of today, (I) have netted $75,744.35 after commissions! 99.66%, can we call it 100%? Thanks!

Member D.R.
End of Week Summation: $51,531

Bryan, (I made) $51,531.00. Thank you my friend.

Member D.R.
Biggest Win Ever!

(I) made out like a bandit on GOOG a couple of weeks back — over $40K profit — biggest win ever!!!!!

Member B.D.
You’re Up Over 2,000% and the Year is Just Over Half Way Done

Man, you’re up over 2,000% and the year is just over half way done. I must admit anyone who doesn’t grab your service with both hands, feet and all their teeth is a fool. I have searched all over for a reliable, consistent winner, and nobody even comes close…not even on the same planet!

Member S.K.
My Account is Up 41.3% This Month

Hey Bryan, Great job on the 3x profits today. Your service is awesome! My account is up 41.3% this month. Thanks again.

Member N.Z.
Your Recommendations Have Been Phenomenal

Good Day Bryan. I’ve been executing most of your trades. Your recommendations have been phenomenal, I will be following you for a long time to come. This is the first time that I have ever been extremely satisfied with investment advice. Thank You.

Member M.N.

So here’s the bottom line: As an active investor, you definitely belong in Bryan’s small group of charter members.

  • Bottarelli Research member D.R. just made $51,531.
  • Bottarelli Research member B.D. just made $40,000.
  • Bottarelli Research member S.M. just made $27,000.
  • Bottarelli Research member D.B. just made $24,000.

If you’d like to start making these returns, this is your official invitation to join us now!

P.P.S. A professional floor trader was once quoted as saying “Options trading is a zero-sum game. Professional traders have the edge and have been earning a good living from the ill-prepared, arrogant, and naive for years.”

While completely true for most individual traders, this quote doesn’t have to be true for you. If you’d like to stack the deck in your favor — and start making the type of money that pro floor traders make — then you need to join Bottarelli Research Options while spaces are still available.

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