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Frequently Asked Questions

Bottarelli Research Live is intended for active traders who are available during market hours to place multiple trades per day for fast and consistent gains.

Bottarelli Research Next is for buy-and-hold investors and entry-level traders who cannot follow the market closely but still want to leverage the profit potential of options.

On average, Bottarelli Research Live issues multiple trades per day or upwards of ten (10) trades per week. The frequency of trades is dicated by market conditions, with more activity and volatility providing more opportunities. We do not force trades on slow market days just for the sake of trading.

Bottarelli Research Next always issues one (1) trade per week. During holidays or extended periods of market doldrums, we may forgo issuing a new trade and make it up with a bonus trade later.

Due to SEC regulations, we cannot provide personal advice. Making decisions on investment and capital amounts is solely up to you. After all, nobody knows your risk profile better than you. What we can tell you, however, is to start small and grow comfortable with our trading style. As your account grows, you can start increasing your allocation. We highly recommended “paper trading” without using real money to start so you can track your trading performance before risking real capital.

If you participate in most of our trades in a timely manner, you will make money. While a number of factors will influence your individual returns, the longer you trade with us and the more trades you make, the greater your returns will be.

Bottarelli Research Live subscribers can expect to average a 20% gain per trade on hundreds of trades over the course of a year.

Bottarelli Research Next subscribers can expect to average a 40% gain per trade on close to 50 trades over the course of a year.

We mostly buy and sell call or put options, and a level 2 brokerage account meets the trading requirements.

To participate in some of the more advanced trades issued in Bottarelli Research Live, you will need a margin account. Margin accounts allow for selling options naked short — that is, selling options without a hedge against the position. Brokerages often call this a level 5 trading account.

We do not impose any minimums, however most online brokerages require a minimum deposit of $500 USD. Margin accounts typically require a minimum deposit of $2,000 USD and impose requirements.

Trading securities carries implied risk, especially options. To limit risk, we typically provide suggested stop limits or hedges.

Bottarelli Research Live trades can move fast and sometimes draw-downs can become wider than normal. To mitigate your risk, place a 50% stop limit unless suggested otherwise.

Bottarelli Research does not engage in auto-trading and we prefer if you traded your own account. However, you may choose to auto-trade at your sole discretion, and we do not prevent it.