Bottarelli Research Live

The top-performing trading service tips members to options trades only the professionals know about. By following sharp paper and tracking unusually large orders, volatility expert Dan Levy can guide you to 20% profits every day — no matter if the market is up or down.

Best For Active traders who monitor the stock market and buy and sell every opportunity to maximize profits.


  • Brokerage account (level 2-5)
  • Ability to trade options (calls and puts)
  • Minimum $2,000 USD starting capital
  • Optional margin account (requirements)

Trading Experience

Proficiency with trading options is expected. To maximize profits, orders must be executed immediately.

Risk Level

We believe options offer the best risk-to-reward proposition of all securities. However, trades can move fast and sometimes draw-downs can become wider than normal. To limit your risk, place a 50% stop limit unless suggested otherwise.

Time Commitment

Be ready to act on weekdays during market hours. Trading alerts can be issued at any time, and orders should be entered right away. Every Wednesday after the close, a weekly recap with position updates is published.

Securities Traded

Call and put options are predominantly traded, with weekly options and spreads mixed in less often.

Trading Frequency

Multiple trades are typically recommended every day. It’s not uncommon to buy in the morning and sell by the afternoon, if not sooner. On busy market days, trades can come fast. However, we trade what the market gives us and don’t force trades on slow days.

Holding Time

On average, positions are held for 1-2 days.

Gain Per Trade

We target quick, 20% gains over and over while also taking calculated shots at triple-digit scores.

Win-to-Loss Ratio

For every 4 winning trades, expect 1 loser.

Profit 20% Every Day No Matter If the Market is Up or Down

Follow Sharp Paper. Trade Like a Professional.