Can Cannabis Clean Up?

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Whether you agree with marijuana use or not, the statistics speak for themselves. More than half of U.S. states allow prescription sales, while nine have legalized recreational use.

Considering America’s conflicting regulations, it’s eye-popping to realize that U.S. cannabis sales already generate $50 billion per year. Compare that with annual revenues of $60 billion for wine and $75 billion for tobacco and you can understand the vast potential of the booming cannabis industry.

In other words…

Marijuana legalization (and acceptance) has barely scratched the surface, yet sales already rival cigarettes and wine. And since cannabis doesn’t cause hangovers or weight gain, many believe it’ll soon compete with alcohol too.

As proof, U.S. beer and wine giant Constellation Brands STZ – NYSE acknowledges that marijuana could soon cannibalize their business model, projecting global cannabis sales to reach $200 billion in 15 years. To get in early, Constellation recently invested $191 million to acquire a 10% stake in a rapidly-growing marijuana company.

Of the nearly 356 publicly-traded marijuana companies, this is the only one you should consider.

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Headquartered in Canada (the Silicon Valley of recreational pot), Canopy Growth TWMJF – PINK produces and sells medical marijuana and various cannabis products. The company operates the largest marijuana-producing greenhouse in the world, harnessing the natural power of the sun and recycled rainwater to nurture genetically superior plants.

At current market valuations, some analysts claim marijuana stocks are already too expensive. However if other nations follow Canada’s lead, cannabis could soon become the newest consumer discretionary business. That’s why Constellation made such a large investment.

Canopy Growth is also developing non-smoking forms of cannabis and nonalcoholic, THC-fueled beer, gin, and vodka. Although these products won’t be allowed under Canada’s proposed law until 2019, they offer yet another major market growth sector that justifies the growth premium.

From a chart perspective, the recent pullback and bounce at $20.00 support most likely establishes this level as the floor. Watch for a re-test of the highs around $35.00 to be coming next.


At the current price, TWMJF is perhaps offering the best entry point you’ll see. So if you’re taking the long view on the budding cannabis market, now’s your chance.

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