“A Personal Confession”

A Story of Loss, Rejuvenation, Redemption — and the Rebirth of a Franchise

From the Desk of Bryan Bottarelli

Dear Former Member,

For over a decade, I ran one of the most successful, longstanding, and profitable options trading letters in existence.

It was called Bottarelli Research Options.

From 2006 to 2016, we never had a single losing year.

At one point, you were probably a member.

But in late 2016, something dramatic happened — and I walked away.

That’s why I’m writing you this “personal confession.”

First, I want to apologize to you.

Second, I want to share with you what happened over the past year.

And third, I want to make good on a promise I made over ten years ago.

As you’ll see, the unexpected journey I embarked on gave me a new perspective on work, life, and happiness that changed me forever.

It begins with one of the greatest men I’ve ever known, and some devastating news I received early Sunday morning…

“Quite Possibly The Best Technical Analyst I Know”
— Legendary Trader Jim Reese

Historian, economist, painter, musician, circus-tent roustabout, travel book author, stock market analyst…and former hobo?

That’s not your typical resume.

Then again, Adam Lass wasn’t your typical analyst.

Often dressed in a grizzled turtleneck and old tweed jacket, Adam spent his days hidden behind four flickering PC screens, five foot rolls of hand-drawn charts, and 20 years of The Wall Street Journal back issues.

But he was the most brilliant chart reader I’ve ever met, and he was my friend, mentor, and business partner for 16 years.

When I met Adam in 2000, I was a young, brash 23-year old from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

Nobody thought some recluse chart geek and a young-buck CBOE trader would ever get along.

Boy were they wrong…

When I saw Adam drawing charts on graph paper, I pulled up a chair and started asking questions…

“What’s that yellow down-trend line you drew there?”

“What’s the probability that support holds at your 23% Fib retracement line?”

“Where’s the NASDAQ going tomorrow?”

I found Adam’s work so intriguing because nobody else on the entire CBOE was drawing any charts quite like his.

His proprietary indicators were years ahead of any charting software.

For instance, here’s a hand-drawn chart from February 2003.

Adam Lass Chart

“Adam,” I said to him…

“If the Dow bounces — as your chart predicts — we can make a bundle trading options.”

“Go for it,” he replied without looking up. “I only draw these charts as a hobby.”

Within the hour, I recommended buying Dow March 85 calls for $1.10 ($110 per contract).

And two weeks later on March 7, my very first clients cashed them in for $289 per contract.

Charter members who bought and sold this signal made a quick 163% — $5,000 turned into $13,150 in just 2 weeks!

I could tell what Adam was thinking…

Maybe this chart-drawing thing is more than just a hobby?

Sensing the opportunity, I asked, “Adam, do you realize that your chart just returned 163% in 2 weeks?”

“I can draw others,” he told me.

And that’s exactly what he did, only his method, preparation, and research ramped up considerably.

He investigated the nature and history of human consciousness…

He ran unique mathematical formulas that described (and predicted) crowd behavior…

He even referenced the Farmer’s Almanac for cyclical trends.

I soon learned he possessed the unique ability to clear away the noise and chaos of the stock market and predict future moves uninhibited.

He simply put on his headphones, turned up The Grateful Dead, and drew his charts according to his indicators.

The end result was sometimes hysterical, sometimes terrifying, but always pretty damned interesting.

And in the end, I realized that Adam’s predictions were as close to a crystal ball as I’d ever seen.

But more importantly, I also realized that Adam’s system could not be easily replicated.

I didn’t know it at the time, but standing over his shoulder, watching him work, asking questions, and absorbing his techniques was one of the greatest privileges of my life.

And before we could even blink, we had embarked on one of the longest winning streaks ever recorded.

102 Days Without a Losing Trade

From May 18 to August 29, we traded for 102 consecutive days without tallying a single loser.

Early clients called it the most profitable four months of their lives. And no wonder…

We generated profits of 85%, 72%, 64%, 68%, 41%, 29%, 114%, 136%, 114%, 23%, 42%, 76%, 39%, 56%, 29%, 60%, 103%, 88%, 11%, 15%, 21%, 46%, and 60% all in a row — all without a single loser.

Amazing is hardly the word.

I calculated how much you would’ve made starting with $5,000, pocketing the profits on each trade, and only using the original $5k on each subsequent trade during this streak.

The number?


I was pretty amazed.

Combining Adam’s charting expertise with my options trading experience was a winning formula unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

And our early clients made millions.

Just look at some of the early customer letters we received…

Made $163,700

Today I sold all my positions. What a return! I made $163,700. Use me as a testimonial if you like.

Peter A.

$16,000 in a Week

Total gain $16,000 for a return of 27% in about a week. I am holding one put until Friday. Thanks for a good call.

Dave L.

Another $38,000

Good call, guys. Another $38K. Some pocket change for the weekend! Thanks again.


$30,000 Richer

What a fantastic 9 days! I’m $30,000 richer, with over 100% returns on my maximum exposure, thanks to you!


This Should be Illegal

In my opinion, this should be illegal! While on vacation in the Italian Riviera, I made $4,000 on your latest recommendation. Thank you!

Leslie G.

Banked $50,000 So Far

Okay coach, I’m out. I’m out of the 1700s at $100 (79% gain) and the 1800s at $175 (75% gain). I also bought 1600s for $9 and sold this morning for $55 — a 511% profit. Going to the bench till you send me back in. $50,000 in profits banked so far. Great job with the play calling!

Scott M.

$85,000 Profit

Have been faithfully following your trade instructions and greatly increasing my money with each new trade. Today I closed out your latest recommendation with an $85,000 profit. I’m overjoyed to think with all that is going on in the market each day that you and Adam are able to provide us traders with such a unique and profitable system. Many thanks!

Walt Z.

Nearly $100,000 Profit

Hello Bryan and Adam, the last time the markets were ratcheting down, Rex and I had 10 Dow Jones shorts along with your options recommendations (as many as we could afford). Nearly $100,000 USD open profit.


My Account is Up $102,000

I made my first trade with you on 4/17/02. With today’s close, my account is up $102,000. Retirement is really fun. Thank you!

Austin G.

Word quickly spread about our success.

Because of our accurate predictions and track record of profits, we soon amassed a cult following of subscribers.

And it wasn’t just investors and traders but also mutual fund advisors and even hedge fund managers.

Soon enough, we were invited on CNBC.

And what happened on air only elevated the myth…

Adam’s Legend Grows

In July 2007, Adam went live on CNBC and predicted that the Dow would fall from 13,965 to below 8,000.

Adam Lass on CNBC

His reasoning was solid, making his “crash” forecast that much more terrifying.

But guess what?

Adam’s bearish call didn’t line up with CNBC’s bullish bias, and the producer cut Adam and went to commercial.

He was never invited back to CNBC again.

But in the weeks and months that followed, the Dow crashed right on queue.

I’ll never forget his most eerie prediction…

The day before 9/11 on September 10, 2001, Adam warned…

Beware! 1,619 is no longer the worst thing you have to worry about. I am now working on my next prediction, and my preliminary studies are indicating a move so gruesome, ambulances will be cueing up below Wall Street brokerage windows.

Never had I seen Adam so concerned about a chart formation.

As he was drawing, the look of pure fear on his face said it all.

I dropped what I was doing and advised clients to buy put options on the Nasdaq 100 (NDX).

You know what happened next…

In the 14 days after the worst act of terrorism in history, the Dow fell 21%.

Our put options soared in value as the market came crashing down.

I remember the feeling we each had, knowing our clients were financially protected (and actually making money) amid the panic.

And once again, word quickly spread…

In something straight out of a Tom Clancy book, the FBI came to our office and questioned Adam.

After grilling him, investigators likened Adam to some kind of Rain Man and concluded he wasn’t a terrorist.

The FBI packed up and left, never to be heard from again.

So we got back to business, and our clients went back to making money hand over fist…

$5k into $15k

Nice work gentlemen…working the last two trades has turned $5,000 into almost $15,000. Consider me paid for the next five years.

Bill H.

Incredible Growth

You guys are awesome! My portfolio has grown from $4,860 on the 28th of June to $8,848 as of the 12th of July. Incredible growth, I must say!

Keith T.

Amazing Gains

The last trade was excellent. My cost was $56 and I cashed in before the market closed at $90. Amazing gains. In fact, I wait all day just to receive your alert. The adrenalin starts pumping as I am waiting for the next trade. Great work guys!

Srini V.

This is Uncanny

Adam and Bryan, you were on the money and I made my 50%. THIS IS UNCANNY! I don’t know how you’re doing it, but keep up the good and precise work!

Leslie G.

Adam and I took great pride in helping our clients prosper.

I was never more proud of the work we were doing.

We had an irreplaceable bond, and it was the greatest business partnership of my life.

That’s why October 21, 2016 was so devastating…

“He’s Gone”

This is where the story gets difficult for me to write…

No matter what was happening in our lives, Adam and I would always touch base every morning before the opening bell to discuss the impact of pre-market futures on our trading positions.

But on this particular day, my pre-market note to him went unanswered.

An hour went by.

I started trading.

Still no response.

I felt something wrong in the pit of my stomach.

He wasn’t replying to any of my messages.

I called his cell.

No answer.

I tried his wife, other colleagues.

The story was the same.

Adam had gone missing.

Nobody had seen or heard from him.

The next nine days were agony…

The police opened a missing persons investigation.

His wallet, credit cards, and cell phone were still at home.

He had up and vanished.

Then came the devastating news…

I finally heard back from his wife.

“Adam is gone,” she said. “The police found his body.”

Officers were unable to give her much information.

The news hit me hard.

My partner, mentor, friend — the man who taught me how to read a stock chart — was now gone.

I don’t even remember the last thing I said to him.

Emotions veered from confusion to anger to regret to sadness — all in a non-stop, never-ending loop.

For the next few months, I tried to keep myself together.

I tried to fake interest in work.

I tried to keep going.

But I couldn’t concentrate.

My mind wasn’t in the game.

After 20 years in the market trading every session, it hit me…

I needed a break.

What I did next just might’ve saved my own life…

“There’s No Dollar Sign on Peace of Mind”

In early June, with my daughters out of school for the summer, my wife and I packed up the car and we hit the road.

Other than to get out into nature and recharge — and with Willie Nelson and John Denver in the air — we left on a road-trip to see America without much more of a plan.

We laughed at the sight of 5¢ coffee at Wall Drug in South Dakota.

5ยข Coffee at Wall Drug

We marveled at the sight of Devil’s Tower, and learned of the ancient myth telling how Native Americans believed it formed.

Devil's Tower

And upon taking a closer look, we were awestruck to see mountain climbers scaling the vertical face.

Mountain Climbers

As we experienced sight after sight across this great land, our adventure soon became the trip of a lifetime…

“Road Trips are the Equivalent of Human Wings, Because Stories are More Important than Things”

In the Badlands, we saw mountain goats with babies surviving on the edge of cliffs.

Mountain Goats

In Yellowstone, we saw wildlife roaming free.


And in the Grand Tetons, we saw the pure majesty of the Rocky Mountains.

Grand Tetons

We hiked to the tops of mountains.


Where it’s not uncommon to find snowfall in June.

June Snow

And to end our action-packed days, we were treated to some of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ll ever see.


With a clear mind and a full heart, and surrounded by loved ones and breathtaking scenery, I finally made my peace with Adam — his legacy, his life, his unexpected death.

Standing on a rock in a crystal-blue glacier lake, sunshine upon on my face as I gazed up to the sky and heavens beyond, I was finally was able to let Adam go.

This is where I said my final farewell.

Glacier Lake

But it wasn’t until we started packing up to drive home that I experienced the moment that shaped my future forever.

Early in the morning in Big Sky, Montana, while sipping coffee and watching the sun rise over the Spanish Peaks…

Out of the corner of my eye, something moved. Something brown.

Instinctively I turned around. And saw it — a grizzly bear.

The rush of adrenalin was exhilarating.

It was something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

It was like…

…like how I used to feel trading options.

Sharing a moment with a grizzly, I realized what had been dormant inside me for so long…

“I’m Back!”

Less Work, More Profits

When I returned home, I pulled out Adam’s old charts, re-read my notes scribbled on each page, and started re-learning what he had taught me years before.

Then, I back-tested Adam’s early charting techniques with 10 year’s worth of Bottarelli Research trades.

What I discovered was incredible…

By far, the most consistent — and profitable — trading strategy was identifying a volatile stock chart just prior to earnings, and playing both directions.

The combination of a particular chart formation and a sizable earnings reaction lead to the biggest gains in our track record.

Specifically, I discovered that by getting properly positioned just before earnings are announced, a subsequent move of 5% or more (up or down) always results in a winner.

But here’s the trick…

You have to get positioned correctly.

You see, when it comes to earnings, most traders swing for the fences and speculate on one direction — either up or down.

Sometimes you win. Other times you lose. It’s always a coin-flip.

But with my strategy, your odds increase significantly.

Instead of guessing the right direction, you play an inexpensive call option and an inexpensive put option — simultaneously.

This way, the directional risk is eliminated.

It’s called an “Earnings Strangle.”

Some have even called it “Directionless Trading.”

When done correctly, as long as the stock moves up or down at least 5% on earnings day, you’ll profit.

Even factoring in some earnings clunkers, the chances of 100%, 200%, or even 450% returns are in your favor.

As I got back to work, the strategy started paying off immediately.

Let me give you some real examples…

On February 6, we entered a SNAP 13.50/14.40 Earnings Strangle for $1.60.

No matter if SNAP went up or down, we were positioned to profit.

The next day, SNAP skyrocketed after beating earnings and we sold for $3.96.

That’s a 147% gain.


Our Twitter trade was even better.

On February 7, we got positioned in a TWTR 26/27 Earnings Strangle for $2.62.

The very next day, TWTR blasted off and we sold for $7.76.

That’s an overnight profit of 196%.


Looking at the big picture, our overall track record speaks for itself…

So far this year, we’ve issued 34 earnings trades.

24 have been winners. That’s a 70% win rate.

The average gain of the winners comes to 64%.

And of the losers, the average loss is -36%.

So, if you take 10 trades…

You’ll be taking 64% profits 7 times.

Versus 3 losses of -36%.

Do the math…

Investing $5,000 in each trade grows into $67,000.

That’s $17,000 in profits (less commissions).

As you can guess, many former members are glad to be back trading again…

It is so good to be working with you again. I just closed out my second huge win of the week. Made 118% on EBAY today and 98% on JNPR yesterday. You are making earnings plays great again!

Chip P.

Who doesn’t like walking away with 505% from TWTR calls?


Got out of TWTR at $34.86 with 160% over costs…in less than one day. Carefully, one step at a time, you are helping me change my family’s financial future.

Rick L.

Bryan, that was a really great trade. I netted $4,379.36. Ciao from Naples, Italy.

Terry E.

Thanks for the snap option. Overall 300% return. Sweet!

Jay S.

Key Advantages

After decades of trading, I’ve come to realize this is the safest and consistently the most profitable strategy I’ve ever used.

It’s so simple, yet so logical.

After all, earnings reactions create the largest single-day stock fluctuations throughout the year.

That’s when you want to be involved, because that’s when the money is made.

In fact, using this trading strategy has distinct advantages…

  • You know the exact timing of every trade ahead of time. Every earnings announcement is scheduled in advance, allowing you to plan your entry and exit orders accordingly. This way, you’ll never miss a trade.
  • You have zero directional risk. While most traders look to predict a stock’s post-earnings direction, this strategy removes all of the guesswork. By playing both directions together, all you care about is whether the stock moves 5% (or more) on earnings day. If so, you’ll always win.
  • You don’t need to act fast or quickly trade in and out to get the best price. As long as the stock reacts enough to move the needle, the gains will be sustained throughout the session on earnings day.
  • You can manage and allocate your capital more efficiently. Because you know the buy and sell dates in advance, you can anticipate what will be tied up in the market versus what’s available in cash. This way, you’ll know how much to put into each trade.

It makes so much sense.

During peak earnings season, we’ll make about 5 trades per week, or 1 per market session.

When the earnings calendar is light, expect to receive only about 1 trade per week.

Our trading frequency will depend on the number of earnings announcements, the specific options pricing, and the relative size of the stock’s forecasted reaction.

And remember, I’ll only issue a trade when all of the required parameters align.

If not, I’ll pass.

Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted in a trading letter?

Less work, more profits.

The Rebirth of Bottarelli Research Options

Over ten years ago, I started Bottarelli Research to help traders like you make money.

But this past year, I broke my promise.

And so I owe you my sincerest apology.

I apologize for letting you down, and I hope by reading my story you can come to understand why it happened.

Now here’s how I’d like to make it up to you…

Effective immediately…

  • I’m relaunching Bottarelli Research Options for charter members. I’m accepting 500 traders — that’s it.
  • I’m setting subscriptions at the lowest rate ever: $999 per year. This price is over 50% off what we used to charge.
  • I promise you’ll put in less work yet make greater profits. Finding a better work-life balance will be a priority for all of us.

So if you want to rejoin Bottarelli Research Options, I’m officially inviting you to claim your spot.

Once you get your first successful earnings trade under your belt, you’ll see how the game is played.

If you’re satisfied with the profits you’re making, we’ll automatically bill your credit card at the same rate until canceled.

Or if you’re apprehensive about committing to a year, you can subscribe quarterly — 3 months for only $399.

What if you decide this type of trading isn’t for you?

Simple. Cancel at any time.

Thank You

Don’t let a few hundred bucks come between you and your chance to build financial security.

The 500 charter memberships will sell out very fast, so please don’t risk missing out.

If you’re interested in trading with me again, I urge you to act promptly.

Above all, thank you for allowing me to tell my story.

And thank you for reading.

Rejuvenated and recommitted, I look forward to re-establishing our profitable relationship.


Bryan Bottarelli
Editor, Bottarelli Research

P.S. Yes, I’m back running the show. After all, it’s my name on the door. With my new perspective, trading this time around will be less work and more profits. Are you ready to get started again?

$14,000 Profit

Mega-Bucks — Wow! I just made $14,001.08 profit on First Solar calls this morning. Keep it coming!

Sonny G.

$31,000 Overnight

Thank you for your input, recommendations, and educational support. Made $31,000 overnight on FSLR. Keep up the great work. My retirement account salutes you.

Lloyd M.

New But Smoked a $5k Score

I am new at using your service but liking it very much! Smoked a $5,100 score yesterday!

Brendan F.

Never Been Up So Fast

Thank you for all the recommendations, I have never been up so fast before with options till I joined your service.

Peter Y.

Up 244% Since I Joined

I’m just writing to say thanks for your hard work. I’m up 242% since I joined your service 2 weeks ago.

Geoff N.

My Account Doubled Just This Week

Your Bottarelli Research picks this week have been amazing! My total account has grown 104% just this week! The five closed trades this week have made 149%, 38%, 120%, 63%, and 79%! Thank you so very much!

Chip P.

Another Double Today

Sold 30 Puts @ $2.27. Another double today. Keep them coming!


Bragging Everywhere I Go

I sold 20 QQQ puts for $2.27. That’s a double. I’m bragging on you everywhere I go!

Linwood S.

Second Double in First 4 Days

Bought QQQ puts @ $1.15 yesterday, sold @ $2.29 just after market opened today. My 2nd double in my first 4 days with your company.


$15k After $5k Yesterday

I just made $15,340 on FSLR this morning, and that’s on the heels of $5,430 on QQQ yesterday. I salute your talent! Thank you, once again!

Jurgis B.

Why I Love Options

Bryan, thanks for the trade on GMCR. I had $4,000 in the trade and sold it for $12,500. These are the days why I love options.


Home Run

Home run on the FSLR trade. I was a bit more aggressive on my sell point but still hit a 200% return.

Ranji S.

Rapidly Becoming My Best Friend

Crushed? Netting $10,714.47 in less than a week sounds more like annihilating it! You’re rapidly becoming my best friend!

Dan H.

Total Grand Slam

GMCR was a total grand slam. Right up there with my all-time best options trades. I netted a 289% gain!


Crushing It

Here we go again! What a start to 2016. I added to my FSLR yesterday @ $1.90 and sold this morning’s open @ $5.50! You’re right back where you left off last year crushing it!! Thanks again my friend.


Almost $9k Gain

Nicest play I’ve had in quite some time. I had 30 FSLR calls with a basis of $2.62, sold them this morning for $5.60 and almost $9K gain. Sweet…thanks!

Kyle B.

First Time I’ve Ever Done So Well

I did very well with your recommendation on FLSR! I pulled a 153% gain. The first time I’ve ever done so well!

Maurna S.

$6k Before Breakfast

Plus $6,000 before breakfast!

Chuck S.

Up 114%

FSLR went up 114.5% for me. Made over $1,500.00. Great call on this trade!

Leonard M.

464% in 14 Days

Bryan and staff, we just caught lightning in a bottle. I have never experienced the exhilaration of a trade like this, but it has been a thrill. Entered GMCR call 1/23/14 at $5.05. Thank Coke for what happened next. Sold this morning at $28.50. A 464% move in 14 days. Thank you all again and please renew my subscription if I am not on auto renew.