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I’m Up $15,000

After two months with your options service, I’m ready to join the ranks of those who provide a testimonial. I’ve probably successfully executed around 90% of the trades you’ve sent alerts for in the last 70 days or so. In those 70 days I’m about $15,000 to the good, and I started with only about $28,000 in my account. Keep on lockin’ and loadin’

Member T.D.
I’ve Been Trading 10 Days with You and I’m Up $53,000

I’ve been trading 10 days with you having $175k in the market and I’m up $53k. I unloaded today. Being in real estate development my normal pay check is every three years so this is FUN! Instant gratification.

Member R.H.
Bottarelli Research Has a Record That’s Second to None

Bryan, you’ve been on fire all year. Great trades. Bottarelli Research has a record that is second to none when it comes to investment advice.

Member M.C.
More Than $50,000 in Profits!

Just thought I’d pass along a big THANK YOU on DNDN. I bought 40 options and 1,700 shares when you recommended this trade on April 3. Today, April 14, I took in more than $50,000 in profits! I would give you an exact amount, but I’m too busy to add it all up. Thanks for the heads up on this one!!!

Member M.P.
$15,000 in 16 Hours

Bryan, I’m new to your service and so far have had tiny gains on a couple of your recco’s. BUT, WOW I was able to get into NFLX. Pulled the trigger on 20 Feb $52.50 calls at $2.25 and just sold them at $9.80! 335%, $15,000 in 16 hours. What a great call! Thank you.

Member M.S.
$3,322 Gain Overnight: Home Run!

$3,332 gain overnight for risking $1,145. Home run!

Member T.E.
38% Overnight Profits

I sold RIMM at $6.15 this morning, (good for) 38% (in) overnight profits. You’re awesome.

Member J.S.
20 Winners in a Row!

Thanks to you, I have 20 winners in a row. As a Bottarelli Research Charter Member, I renewed last week for the next quarter — the best investment I have ever made. Keep those winners coming Bryan.

Member P.B.
My Account is Up 40% in First 8 Days

By the way — My trading account is up 40% in my first 8 trading days with you.

Member D.D.
Keep Up the Remarkable Work!!!

I am overwhelmed at your success record, have profited from it, and just need to clean up my portfolio so I can stick with your recommendations 100%. Keep up the remarkable work!!!!

Member R.T.
877% Return

Just an FYI. I decided to hold GOOG into earnings. Sold this morning for 877% return!

Member V.J.
Are You Looking at Tomorrow’s Paper????

Thanks Bryan, another quick winner!!! What are you doing, looking at tomorrow’s paper???? Another incredible day. All I can say is, ‘Keep ’em coming!’

Member R.F.
Up $112,240 as of January 2007

Hi Bryan, Your current track record as of Oct 11th 2007 with a constant 10 contracts on all trades from January 2007 would see you up $112,240. Great job.

Member D.M.
I’m 10 for 10 in Two Weeks

Bryan, your alerts are incredible! Thanks to you, in the last two weeks, I have been 10 out of 10. I am already looking forward to Monday morning. Many thanks again Bryan and keep ’em coming. Lock and Load!

Member P.B.
Another Record Profit

Thanks to you, I just had another record profit in only one week — and it’s only Wednesday! Thanks so much!

Member M.K.
337% in One Day??? OMG!

Friggin’ white hot for the past few days are you, my friend. Thanks! And now a moment of silence for DQRJA. Who would have guessed? 337% in one day??? OMG! Cheers.

Member J.S.
You Must be Gazing Into a Crystal Ball

Bryan, You are THE MAN!!!!! The Boeing trade was incredible…and right on top of DRYS. You MUST be gazing into a crystal ball or something!!!

Member M.S.
$21,492 in Less Than a Week

Bryan, you’ve got the magic…the Midas touch like no one I’ve ever seen. I would consider myself a very good trader as I normally beat the S&P and most fund managers. But you are ridiculous! I bought two of your recent recommendations (FCX calls and BA puts). In less than a week I have $21,492 more in my account! You just rock! With your recommendations, who needs a JOB!

Member T.S.
Your Alerts Work Extremely Well

I’ve been searching for years for an advisory that actually would reliably make money. I’ve tried a bunch of advisories. All the paid advisories that Oxford Club has to offer, all the paid advisories that Sovereign Society has to offer, plus a lot more. None of them work anywhere near the boast levels of their advertisements. Your Bottarelli Research alerts work extremely well. I got out almost at a double on this one. 91.4% for a two day trade - an excellent return to say the least. I’m a believer, and I’m going to be sticking around.

Member L.B.
$36,000 in the First Month

Hi Bryan. I bought a 3-month subscription to your options advisory for $700 with the thought of “trying it out.” Well, in the first month, not even using all of your recommendations, I had a profit of $36,000. That is (even) accounting for the few losing trades.

Member C.S.
Bought at $6.90, Sold at $18.65. 170% Gain!

Bryan, great tip on RIMM. (I) bought it at $6.90 and sold at $18.65. I am excited. Thanks and lock and load!

Member S.M.
I am Just in Awe

Bryan, I did get out of both positions for a really nice gain of $2,100. I am just in awe of this service. So far the results are tremendous. I look forward to a profitable and fruitful relationship. Please keep up the outstanding work.

Member K.P.
Your Subscribers Should be a Satisfied Group

Overnight gainers like this are what makes your service GREAT! Thanks! Sold some POT puts short as a bonus of $2 per share. Your subscribers should be a satisfied group.

Member T.E.
Paid for Membership Off One Pick

Ok, I’ve more than paid for my first quarter of your option picks. I made that on ACHKO alone! Thanks. Great job.

Member M.P.
I Made More During the Month of September…

I think I made more during the month of September than most make all year…unreal.

Member R.G.
Your Alert Service Has Made Me So Much Money

Do you have a referral program? Your alert service has made me so much money over the past few months! I’d like to promote it.

Member M.W.
Incredible Trading

Good morning, Bryan. Just a note to congratulate you on the incredible trading over the last week or two. Usually you do pretty well — but this last bunch of trades have been amazing! Keep it up!!!

Member R.F.
This is What I’ve Been Waiting For All My Life

First of all, thanks and congratulations. Since I joined your options service three weeks ago you’ve been on fire and I got to thinking this is it — the income supplement I’ve been waiting for all my life!

Member M.P.
Trade Only Your Plays

Man, I do love those profits. In fact, I just opened a new account to trade only your plays. Keep them coming.

Member T.D.
600% Gain

Bryan, on the GOOG October 560 Calls, I got in with you at $5.50, got out this morning at $38.80. (Lucky me again!)

Member T.M.
I’d Like to Buy You Dinner

I like to take my profits like I take my martinis: Extra DRYS! Took $900 more in profit just now for hanging onto 2 DRYS calls into this AM. Thanks again, and thanks for FCX too. I anxiously await your alerts for new ideas. If we ever meet I’d like to buy you dinner.

Member C.S.
$840 Gross in 55 Minutes

Nice play Bryan. I did not buy until open today at $4.06 and just could not stand to NOT sell when it hit 4.90 bid 55 minutes later…10 contracts pulled in a very respectable $840 gross in 55 minutes. As a retiree on a fixed income, this type of trade lets me spend the profits having loads of fun. So thanks once again.

Member T.E.
Damn, Dude, You are on Fire

The auto-update RSS on your site worked like a charm this morning. Damn, dude. You are on fire in the last couple of days, and by association, so are we!

Member J.A.
What a Day!

What a day! Went to dinner here in Napoli (6 hours ahead of you) to spend a little of the BG profits, and came back to see UFBJU sold at my preset limit of $5.60. Will have to go out again tomorrow. Thanks again!!!

Member T.E.
Up $7,000 in my First 2 Weeks

Bryan, just had to say ‘Thank You’ once again. VMW and CRM Calls made me about $1,000.00. However, APPL Calls made me almost $2,000.00. I have been a member for about two weeks and I figure that I am up almost $7000.00. Your alerts have been incredible. Thanks again.

Member R.B.
I Want the Best of Yours!!!

Are there any more (subscriptions that) I could pay to get? I have a large amount of money to manage and want the best of yours!!!

Member R.S.
24 Out of 27: Please Don’t Retire

Can I give you a hug…? You’ve been on an incredible roll and if I knew where your office was I’d give you a hug and buy you a drink. 24 out of 27 is some batting average. You’re an MVP and hall of famer rolled into one! Please don’t retire; give me at least another 10 years so I can have enough socked away for my little daughter’s college bills and that beach house my wife wants!

Member C.S.
With Your Help, I’ll be Able to Retire

Bryan, You are AWESOME! On the IBM calls, I managed to buy at $3.00 and sold at $4.10. That’s 36.6% in ONE DAY! With your help, maybe I will be able to retire someday after all. Hugs and kisses from Georgia.

Member A.G.
Exactly 1 Hour and 1 Minute Later, I Made $1,100

At the open BG went down to your entry price and I captured it this morning. Exactly 1 hour and 1 minute later, after your sell call, I made $1,100. Then I got in on the FWLT and made some more money. Not bad for (my second day as a new subscriber).

Member D.R.
You Have No Idea How Many Lives You are Changing for the Better

Hi coach. I’m shaking. In at $6.00, out this AM at $9.90. That’s $940 overnight after commissions. You have no idea how many people’s lives you are changing for the better. Have a great day locking and loading.

Member J.C.
You Take My Breath Away

Bryan, Wow what a ride! You take my breath away. Or, as the kids say, “YOU ROCK, DUDE! Thanks for the profits.

Member A.R.
Incredible Trades — You are Really on a Roll

Hi Bryan, Just got back to my office a little while ago — incredible trades today!! You are really on a roll…nice stock picking!!

Member R.F.
$50,000 Profits in the Last Few Months

Dear Bryan, Just a note of thanks for all your efforts. I have followed your advice, and when I do not second guess and simply follow your instructions, it really works! Needless to say, I am grateful for your $50,000+ profits in the last few months.

Member W.K.
You Beat the Hell Out of Schaeffer, Najarian, Couch Potato, etc.

I have to compliment you — beyond the obvious great trades. Your website and its management are the best in the business. I have tried and left a number of vendors whose sites were largely useless and technically unusable. Your use of RSS and robust email is absolutely beyond compare — you beat the hell out of Schaeffer, Najarian, Couch Potato, etc. etc. Nice to see somebody understands customers as well as the market.

Member E.D.
You are Indeed a Wizard!

WOW!! My first day with your service — at 1:00 PM I got into these puts and out at 4:00 pm for a 3-hour, 20% profit. You are indeed a wizard! Thanks so much.

Member D.B.
You’ve Given Me More than Hope: You’ve Empowered Me

Hi Bryan, I’m very proud of myself. I’m learning to be smart. I’m getting confident. Hope you don’t mind me bothering you with my little updates. It helps me stay committed. You see so many big dollar trades, thought you might like to see that you are making a difference in ordinary people’s lives. You’ve given me more than hope, you’ve empowered me with a concrete roadmap.

Member J.C.
I’ve Been Looking Far and Wide

Bryan, I had been looking far and wide for a trading service that has success more than 50% of the time. I now feel I have found that trading service. Your style of trading fits my style very nicely. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Member B.D.
You’re Telling Me How to Get Free Money. Can This be Legal?

Mr. Bottarelli, I subscribed 3 months ago to your service on a whim. My numbers may be incorrect but so far in the last three months you’ve averaged around 15% (+/-) which is phenomenal. My big question is, how can this be legal? You are basically telling me how to get free money.

Member J.W.
Up $54,450. Well Done

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I keep on your plays. So far if you would have played 10 contracts on every trade since January 1st 2007 you would be up $54,450.00. Well done.

Member D.C.
Bagged $7,000 This Morning

I bagged about $7K of profit this AM. You are da man.

Member R.G.
I Made More Money This Week Following Your Alerts Than I Have Ever Made in One Week in My Life

Hi Bryan! I have made more money this week following your trade alerts than I have ever made in one week in my life. I want to thank you, but can’t find words with enough significance. A few years ago I was in a motorcycle accident with no health insurance and was forced to declare bankruptcy. It was several months until I could work, and needless to say my financial situation was grim. Your service is making a huge impact on my financial recovery. I hope that you will someday agree to a mentorship. I would give my first born to learn how you fish!

Member D.K.
Thanks for the Incredible Trades

Hey Bryan. (I) just wanted to say thanks for the incredible trades, especially over the last 2 days. I cleaned up on the X PUTS for a 63% gain. As far as CROCS, I purchased 10 of the Aug. 50 calls at $3.60, sold 5 before the close yesterday at $4.8, then closed the remaining 5 contracts at $8.40 this morning. That’s a nice 83% gain! Keep up the great recommendations!

Member J.T.
I Came Out of the Entire Trade Up $5,000

I have the guts and now the glory! I came out of the entire CROX trade up about $5,000 — all thanks to you for advising the earnings announcement and likely results. Bryan, I hope I am able to meet you one day, shake your hand and offer you the beverage of your choice. I only started trading options this year and this was by far my best experience yet. Thank you. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

Member T.C.
Profits, Profits, Profits!

Thanks so much, made 45% on the X puts, put on a cousin trade of AKS puts, made 59%. Sold out CROX yesterday at $8.80 didn’t quite catch the top at $ 9.10, but with a buy at 3.70, that’s a 135% gain including commissions.

Member S.D.
Ten-Figure Profits

What a change in my investing! I have tried so many ‘experts’ over the years, but now, I relax and wait for your recommendations. In the last month, I have had ten-figure profits and can now relax.

Member B.K.
$7,500 Profit. You Da Man!

Bryan, Just a quick note, I’m taking the afternoon off, thanks to you!! Totals this week are $7.5 x 10 contracts per = $7,500.00. YOU DA MAN! Thanks!

Member G.E.
Making Money Every Week, Thanks to You

Thanks to you, I am getting used to making money every week trading. I would love to learn how to be self sufficient in the market. I have taken several courses, but I am not able to find opportunities with your level of consistency. Thanks again.

Member D.K.
I Have Finally Found that Service in You!

This is my first time writing you. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the excellent job you are doing with this trading service. I have lost so much money over the last year playing options (subscribed to 3 other services) that it is frightening. However, I knew not to give up, that you can make money in options, and that you just need to find that one trading service which can turn things around. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THAT SERVICE IN YOU! Keep up the good work.

Member B.L.
Anyone Who Doesn’t Grab Your Service with Their Hands, Feet, and Teeth is a Fool

Man, you’re up over 2,000% and the year is just over half way done. I must admit anyone who doesn’t grab your service with both hands, feet, and all their teeth is a fool. I have searched all over for a reliable, consistent winner, and nobody even comes close…not even on the same planet!

Member S.K.
I Need a Cigarette and I Don’t Even Smoke

As a new subscriber, I am enjoying being on board. Enjoyed the ICE ride today. That was nice. I need a cigarette, and I don’t even smoke. Keep up the good work!

Member D.C.
You’re on a Pedestal Above the Rest!

In my trading lifetime, I have subscribed to many newsletters, only to be let down by useless information, trades, or so called “gurus. Granted, the newsletter business is a lucrative one, but like anything in life, people are willing to pay lots of money for goods and services if results are shown and replicated time and time again! Bryan, I think your “other” life as a professional trader is certainly putting you on a pedestal above the rest! I like you daily e-mail, your insight into why a trade should take place, and the zest for perfection! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!

Member N.K.
I Have Cancelled All Other Services — Yours is the Best

I am new to options and have cancelled all other subscriptions because yours is by far the best!!!!

Member J.G.
My Entire Account is Up 20% in 28 Days

Hi, Bryan! In 28 calendar days I’m up a net of 20% on your suggested trades! Now that is worth one great big thank you!

Member M.H.
300%, Thank You

Bought 40 DIA (DAWPV) Puts at $1.50 and sold today at $4.20. (That’s) 300%, thank you!

Member A.V.
One Can Make a Lot of Money Following Your Recos

Dear Bryan, thank you for the service you provide. I have subscribed to many online suppliers who offer this type of service and not only are their stock recommendations questionable, but they are not committed to providing the timely service that you have pledged to deliver. After using your service for about one month, I now see that one can make a lot of money following your recommendations.

Member B.J.
I Have Decided to Follow Only You

Thanks so much for your continued good work. I have been ‘test driving’ many different options newsletters, and have decided in just the last few days to follow you only. You have the clearest and most direct suggestions, which typically pay off quite well, with no hype or sales pitch. Too many letters made claims that could never be met, so I am tossing them out. I am on for the long term. Please don’t stop until after I retire (in about 12 years)!!

Member C.C.
I am an IT Guy So I am Not Easily Impressed But…

I wanted to share my recent experience installing and receiving your RSS feeds. GREAT! Thanks for the RSS feeds. I took the time to install RSS Popper for Outlook at work, behind a massive firewall, and SHABANG! It works fantastic. I love it! Hey, I am an IT guy so I am not easily impressed but this RSS feed is exactly what I needed to help me keep up to date at work and quickly take advantage of your quick picks on options. Feel free to quote me as this RSS feed service is absolutely the way to go.

Member K.I.
Weekend Has Been Declared Here in Naples with Nice Profits to Celebrate

Been following your advice long enough to develop the "don’t let the profit sit over the weekend syndrome." Sold the DE puts at $5.30 about an hour ago before your alert for a respectable, quick 15% gain. Made the 3rd leg of yesterday’s 3X profit alert. Got 17%, 27% and 15% after fees. Not bad in a couple of days! Thanks. Weekend has been declared here in Naples with nice profits to celebrate. Thank you for the great picks.

Member T.E.
My Account is Up 41.3% This Month

Hey Bryan, great job on the 3x profits today. Your service is awesome! My account is up 41.3% this month. Thanks again.

Member N.Z.
Your Recommendations Have Been Phenomenal

Good day Bryan. I’ve been executing most of you trades. Your recommendations have been phenomenal. I will be following you for a long time to come. This is the first time that I have ever been extremely satisfied with investment advice. Thank you.

Member M.N.
I Came Back from Lunch and Was Up $2,000

Bryan, good call on POT and WFR. I checked my e-mail at 11:45 and there you were with your two picks. I only had $10,000 to work with. So I bought 25 contracts of WFR and 15 contracts of POT. I came back from lunch and checked at 2:29 and they were up by $2,000. I sold and came away with a nice profit. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your efforts. Can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow. Many the good LORD bless you and your system. Thanks again.

Member C.B.
My First Two Weeks Earned Me 4 Times the Cost of the Subscription

Bryan, my first two weeks with you have been phenomenal. ICE and NDAQ alone have earned me 4 times the cost of the subscription. I really like your style and appreciate the fact that you are willing to share your talents with me. Best regards.

Member M.C.
Just Paid for My Italian Honeymoon

Good man…just paid for my Italian honeymoon.

Member J.P.
That’s a 55.6% Gain After Commissions

Bryan! Thanks so much! Here’s one to share with prospective subscribers: Bought CVX June 75 Calls on Feb. 14 at $2.45; doubled the number of contracts I was holding on Feb. 21st at $1.65, and then doubled the number of contracts again on March 2nd. Just closed the position on March 23rd at $2.30. That’s a 55.6% gain after paying commissions. Thank you, Bryan!

Member J.K.
My Subscription is Paid Off with This Single Trade

Hi Bryan! Just a big thank you for the Allergan recommendation. I entered that play at $0.85 and sold at $1.25 for a gain of $3,850.00. My subscription is already paid off with this single trade. Terrific!!!!! Again, great job and thanks for this play. Cheers from Toronto.

Member K.D.
I Made About $24,000 Yesterday

Hey Bryan, I am a new member as of two weeks ago. My first trade was Diamond trust which went up about 400%, and I made about $24K yesterday. GREAT CALL.

Member D.B.
30% in 48 Hours

Bryan, nice play on Hess Corp; I entered @ $1.65 and exited 48 hours later @ $2.15 for +30.3% gainer. Got more? I’m locked and loaded!

Member P.W.
24 Hour Profit Was $10,232.34

Dear Mr. Bottarelli: Yesterday I decided to try out your advisory service. Your first suggested trade was the purchase of the IGGCK calls. I purchased the contracts at $1.80 per contract, and as suggested by you I sold today at $2.30. My profit for the 24 hour transaction was $10,232.34. My sincere congratulations on your excellent advisory service. Needless to say, I will renew at the end of my 6-month trial.

Member C.S.
300% Gain Overnight: I am Sold!!

Bryan, I took the recommendations you posted and have executed these 2 trades. Bought TIE February 30 calls for $1.30, today sold half at $1.95 — 50% profit!! Bought ADM March 7 35 Calls for $0.55 Yesterday — sold half this AM at $1.40 for a near 300% gain!!!! Your analysis proved out and along with some good news. I AM SOLD!!

Member R.G.
I Want to Thank You — My Account is Up $27,000

Bryan, As the year comes to a close I wanted to thank you for a very prosperous relationship so far. I haven’t calculated the actual gains yet, but I know for sure that my account is up some $27,000 and change on your picks alone, that includes the occasional loser. I appreciate your constant updates, technical analysis, and explanations - you keep things simple and to the point and we make money. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

Member S.M.
In One Day This Paid for the Subscription

Just renewed and put in the FDX option. In one day this paid for the subscription and even had a little left over for the holidays. WOW!

Member G.B.
I Was Stunned

I was stunned not only by the swiftness and amount of the profits, but also by the seeming prescience of the two trades. While I can never hope to have tomorrow’s newspaper today to help me place my trades, this is the closest I’ve ever come to feeling that I was trading with tomorrow’s price-moves known in advance. Just amazing. Thanks for a great service.

Member S.M.
Christmas Came Early With These Two Winners

Bryan, Christmas came early with these two winners…made $2,500 minus commissions on these two plays. Great call. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Member S.M.
WOW! WOW Again!

Hi Bryan, The FDX and ATI plays went great for me. I sold the FDX puts for $5.40, a little before your first email this morning, for over 25% in less than 24 hours. WOW!! I also sold the ATI calls for $4.40 as ATI jumped up at the open this morning which was over 29% in less than 24 hours. WOW again!! In ten years of trading and trying dozens and dozens of trading services you are the best. You certainly deliver way more than you promise. Thanks again and I (for obvious and somewhat selfish reasons) wish you continued success. Have a great holiday.

Member J.M.
I Appreciate Your Personal Attention — So Unusual These Days

Great work! I bought FDX puts at $4.20, sold at $5.70. Thank you very much; I don’t do very well all on my own. Surely appreciate what you are doing. I do so much appreciate your personal attention - so unusual in these capitalistic days.

Member G.L.
The Best Service I Have Ever Used

This is the best service I have ever used and I have tried them all.

Member D.B.W.
Over 40K Profit — Biggest Win Ever!

Hey Bryan — I made out like a bandit on GOOG a couple of weeks back — over 40K profit — biggest win ever!!!!!

Member B.D.
A 280% Gain in One Day!

Bryan, just wanted to thank you for the idea on a quick gain with Google. I have been burned badly by Google trades in the past and needed revenge! (of course no emotions here). I ended up playing the Oct 430 call, (I didn’t dare play the 460 call) which I bought yesterday for $7.37 and sold immediately this morning for $28.00, for a 280% gain in one day! I’ve been trading options for about a year now and that’s the best percentage gain I have had yet, and by far the fastest!

Member D.R.
I am a Recent Subscriber and Just Made 124%

I am a recent subscriber to your service and I am glad that I (signed up). I bought the AAPL February 90 Calls for $3.70 and sold @ $8.30. Look forward to more plays…”

Member P.L.
80% Gain Overnight

What a day for AAPL’s February 90 call. In at $3.82 out at $6.90. Thanks!

Member M.G.
55% Gain in 2 Days

Nice call, Bryan. I got in at $3.80 and out at $5.90. I’d love to have one of these every day!

Member J.K.
$2,200 Profit in Six Hours — I’m Excited About Trading Again

Bryan, I’m finally excited about trading again, thanks to you. I’ve always wanted to trade options. Just signed up yesterday, got into AAPL this morning, out six hours later with a $2,200.00 profit. Thanks again keep up the good work.

Member M.S.
My Account is Up 99.66% in One Month

Dear Bryan, (I) started an OptionsXpress account on 8/15/2006 with an $76,000.00 deposit. As of 9/14/2006 (I) have netted $75,744.35 after commissions! 99.66%, can we call it 100%? Thanks!

Member D.E.R.
I am Truly Enjoying Following Your Advice and Making Money!

First, thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with the members of the group. For the first time I am truly enjoying trading in the markets following your advice and making money at it! Thank you!

Member M.L.
$5,280 Gains on RIMM, $17,373 Gains on CRM

RIMM: Bought 60 contracts at $ 2.90 and sold at $3.78. CRM: Bought 30 contracts at $6.53 and sold at $12.32. I really appreciate the daily guidance that you supply. The way you are teaching now, I see the importance of staying in it every day, at least for a couple of hours.

Member D.M.
I Was Rewarded With an 82% Gain

Big gain on OIH! After carefully watching the chart, looking at the trading history, and believing you that the sector had run out of steam, I was rewarded with a very bearish candlestick formation on Friday. I just sold the puts for an 82% gain! I’ve got to tell you I was a little scared since this was the last week of the option, but since I back tested your trades, I had faith in your advice. I’m looking forward to getting more advice from you, which is always well thought out. Keep up the great work!

Member M.K.
60% Gain in 24 Hours!

Way to go, Bryan. I got in yesterday at $2.40 and sold at $4.00. Your recommendation gave me over a 60% gain in 24 hours! Good trading Bryan! I’m much, MUCH happier with a growing account balance!

Member K.S.
44% In 24 Hours: Can’t Beat That With a Stick!

I did well on GRMN. I got in late but at a lower cost of $3.80 yesterday and got out today at $5.50. 44% in 24 hours. Can’t beat that with a stick!

Member T.H.
A Combination I Find Rare

Great call Bryan! Great call! I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in your process. I’m learning a lot along the way (that) your combination of keen fundamental insights and sound technical readings is a combination I find rare and an approach I aspire to and resonate well with. Keep ’em coming.

Member G.N.
Great Job…Thanks

Bryan, thanks for responding to my emails in such a timely manner, it was great to have the validation from you about the eBay puts seeing how I am terrible about reading charts. Maybe I’ll get another 89% gainer on my own this time. I know you probaly keep track of this yourself but you are on quite a hot streak…13 out of the last 14 trades have been winners and 16 out of the last 20. I really appreciate your service and constant updates…keep up the great work. Next time I’m visiting my parents in Chicago the beers are on me!

Member S.M.
330% Gain

I was a tad late entering the LVS position but got in at ~$2 and made a great profit when I sold today at $8.60. I’m thinking that this is not the worst way to trade, and your service is paying its way handsomely. Keep up the good work!

Member B.T.
I Gained $1,023

Results on an investment of $1,122, I gained $1,023. GOOD SHOW.

Member C.F.
In at $2.50, Now at $5.20

Hi Bryan, I got it at $2.50. I see it’s at around $5.20 at present…”

Member W.K.
Just Joined & Made $2,800

Bryan, I just joined the other day and made $2,000.00 on CRM calls and $800.00 on RIMM puts. Thanks for the great calls!

Member R.B.
171% Gain

When you gave the put on OIH, I had just got in that same morning. My cost was $1.18, and I sold this morning for $3.20. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Member M.G.
$7,500 Today on GOOG

Bryan, I gained 250% ($7500) today on a Google Nov 570 Call. In the short time I’ve been subscribed looks like you are doing an impressive job. Keep up the good work.

Member T.P.
200% Gain

Hi, Bryan! Yesterday I bought Nov. 45 Calls at $3.85, this morning I sold at $11.56. That is a 200% Gain! Thank you very much, great digging!

Member J.S.
First Trade 84% Gain: Nice Beginning

Hi Bryan, my first play using your service got an 84% Gain!!!!!! 10 APPLE 250 contracts bought yesterday at $3.30 were sold today at $6.45, gaining $2,775 with a $3,300 investment. That is what you call a nice beginning! Many thanks and keep on going!

Member F.H.
106% and 34% While Sitting at Starbucks

Bryan, Great work! It was fantastic to collect 106% on CRM and 34% on RIMM this morning while having coffee at Starbucks. I’m ready to lock & load again!

Member P.H.
Just Banked $7k

Bryan, I just banked $7K on the CSTR calls…excellent!!!!

Member R.K.
64.95% Gain Overnight

Hi Bryan, the CRM trade worked out really well for me. I bought it at $4.85 on August 17th and sold it this morning for $8.00, a 64.95% return. I can’t complain.

Member E.R.N.
Love These Earnings Plays: 361%

Hi Bryan, I love these earnings play. I sold my calls for 361%.

Member M.G.
340% Gain!

Bryan, I sold the Netflix calls for $10. I bought yesterday for $2.27. Thanks a lot for the tip.

Member J.M.
Bought for $3.10, Sold for $9.10. EXCELLENT!

Dear Bryan, I went in at $3.20, didn’t follow your average down (sorry, I am perhaps too new to your site), sold 2/3 at $7.40 and the rest at $9.10. Excellent call. Don’t you even try to send me anything that wouldn’t be as good as that (joking!) Thanks.

Member P.H.
Instant Gains

Holy Sh%# Batman! I doubled down on Apple at $3.50 and about 40 seconds later I am showing a gain of $428 on Etrade power trade. Your crystal ball is in warp drive. I know that this is short term, but it is really nice to have INSTANT gains show up on the screen.

Member T.E.
Just Made 330%

Bryan, thanks for the great trade. Purchased for $2.25 and sold at $9.70 for approximately 330%. Very nice!

Member M.N.

I had such a fantastic day because of you. Thank you, thank you so much. I had to send you a note to let you know that your recommendation for Bausch and Lomb had such a wonderful return. Last week I entered the trade, and because I am such a novice, when I saw that I was up $1,300 on the trade I was so enthusiastic, I took my money and closed my position. That was within two days. I thought about it all evening and figured I had closed my position too soon, and entered it again. Naturally, I paid more for the option, but I felt it would be okay, anyway. Today, after all the bad news and the hideous pictures on the TV, etc. I sold my position, 10 contracts, for $9,800.00. You can only imagine how fortunate I feel. The fee for your newsletter was well worth the cost, I paid for it with lots of money to spare in just one position. Thanks again and again.

Member N.H.

I must say your system works exactly as you say. I am glad to let you know I made 280% on CHE calls and 35% on EV calls. I can’t complain about that, can I? I am convinced that your system works. You can use my quote anytime you wish!

Member B.S.

What a great way to end Friday…Just sold XMSR at $3.80 (Paid $2.05 Yesterday) for a 85.36% gain in 24 hrs. I’m liking these plays of yours. I’m also up 10% on Cummins. Keep up the good work. I love your LOCK & LOAD plays.

Member Ralph A.

Bryan, this was my 1st completed play using your service to which I subscribed only last week. I made 64% on this one overnight even taking into account selling half yesterday on your suggestion. I’m hooked, I’m having fun, I’m making money. THANK YOU!

Member Roger H.

Congrats on an excellent system. For my style of trading it is exactly what I have always been looking for and by the way your picks are going it’s going to be an extremely successful year for me. I am very happy with your lock and load style of trading, time decay has nailed me too many times over the years!

Member R.K.

So far, so good!! I am amazed how well your picks are working even with a down market…keep it up!

Member R.F.

Bryan: I love what you have done with WaveStrength, which is why I followed you to your new service…Thank you!! I made a quick 35% on the RAIL calls, which we got out of right on time before the stock corrected. I will watch your launch closely!!

Member J.S.M.

Bryan, Thanks for the great trade. Great way to start!! Got in on the ICE calls late @3.90 and sold today for 6.00, got in on the DRS calls @5.40 and sold today @6.60. Not bad for one week of trading. Lock and Load!! THANKS.

Member S.M.

Had my sell order programmed for PTEN @ 3.40. Happy to say it filled first thing this morning for 100% profit! Moments later FRO sold for 2.55, another 21% gain. What a great morning!

Member P.P.

I will tell you that I have subscribed to a few other option advisory services over the past several years, but, I can already see that you do a much more thorough job of investigating and assessing these option plays than the others I have used. I look forward to many more winning trades in the future.

Member B.K.

Wow! I’m no longer a virgin! 68% profit in 24 hrs on my first trade! I won’t be able to sleep. Thanks, Bryan, for giving me hope for my retirement soon. Bought NZQEF at $1.90 (got in late) and sold for $3.20.

Member Dale B.

To: Bottarelli Research: You guys sure know how to “welcome someone on board.” I got your service at 3:46pm on Thursday and noticed you were recommending the SPY MAY PUTS and thought, “why not?” Bought them at $1.30 and by 11:30am on Friday (less than 3 hours later) sold them for $1.75. I didn’t wait for any announcement to sell because I just couldn’t believe I had made over 30% on my money in such a short time. I made $4,200 dollars in 3 hours!! That’s real money — like I can go buy a plasma screen TV this weekend because of three hours with your service! Thank you Bottarelli Research.

Member Tim S.

On April 4, 2006, I bought 5 contracts of (BOL) May 30 Puts (BOLQM) @ $5.10 = $2,564.95 including fees. On April 5, 2006, I sold the 5 contracts @ $6.50 for a net profit of $670.00. On April 5, 2006, I re-bought 10 contracts of (BOLQL) @ $4.00 = $4,015.00 INCLUDING FEES. On April 11, 2006, I sold 10 contracts for $12.70 = $12,684.61 for a 215.91% profit of $8,669.61. Thank you, Thank you. I am a new user of Bottarelli Research and this is one of my first three purchases. Again, Thank you.

Member J.T.


Member R.W.

The new service is smokin’, Bryan. I love it.

Member Lance B.

Bryan, watching ISRG go up 4% so far today has put my doubled down half position April 110 calls up 62% as this is written. PS … Holy smoke, this just jumped up another 10% during the writing of this short note.

Member Terry E.

Held on to all contracts till this morning. In at $1.55 out at $3.30. 108%. Paid for my 3 month subscription to check you out!

Member John D.

Thanks Bryan: This morning’s news was awesome. Not knowing much about options, except what calls and puts are, I joined your service because you said you did not need a lot of money. Well that statement fit me like a glove. I have never written to anyone before. So if you need my permission to put this in your alerts, by all means do so.

Member William M.

WOW!!! PTEN SOLD @33.22. Made only $17,360. Thanks again!

Member Paul W.

Bryan: Entered Patterson-UTI Energy (PTEN) on 3/28 @ 1.60 and out on 3/30 @ 3.60…125% in two days! Keep up the great work.

Member Paul D.

Hi Bryan, Entered the trade @$1.65, out @$3.70!!! — a 124% gain. Fantastic.

Member Paul P.

Excellent. This makes 2 for 2 on the new BR service: 26% on this one and 64% on the PTEN calls, both in 24 hours!

Member Roger H.

Outstanding call — in at $1.57 and out at $3.70. Lock and Load One Round, Fire For Effect (in this case it was 10 rounds).

Member Geo S.

Hey Rangemaster. I need to go to the store, and purchase more ammo. I closed out 4 positions, yesterday and today, for an average profit of 22%, holding 3 positions for 2 days and 1 position for 6 days. It’s time to issue more ammo.

Member Brian S.

Bryan, a great play on PTEN. Didn’t get in until noon 3/29/06 at 1.80, and sold out at 9:45am this morning at 3.50 on 20 contracts for a 94.44% profit. I love serious profits like this in less than 24 Hrs. Keep locking and loading. I’m lovin’ it.

Member R.H.

Profit time. Home run on PTEN MAY 30 calls. In at $1.60. Out at $3.90 8 minutes after market open. Then picked up more gains on ESV MAY 50 calls in at $3.50 out at $4.30. Both were 2 day plays. Thanks Bryan.

Member R.C.

Dear Bryan: On the first half batch in at $1.65 out at $1.80 a profit of 9.09 %. On the second half in at $1.65 out at $3.25 a profit of 96.97 %. This is an average of 53.03%. This is absolutely mind boggling. Keep on. I can hardly wait for your upcoming recommendations.

Member Z.F.

Bryan, I’m new to your service having executed trades starting just yesterday with 10 calls each on PTEN and ESV. As you recommended I sold half the PTEN yesterday and the rest today. Cost was $1625, gain was $701. On ESV, my cost was $3415, gain was $769. Not bad for a start! Keep up the good work.

Member Bob R.

Bryan, in the PTEN call at $1.55 and out at $3.00. Gain of 93% for me. In the ESV call at $3.50 and out at $4.50. A 28% gain for me. I can live with that!! Keep ’em coming.

Member Don W.

Great call, Bryan. I went for the home run on this one and bought at $1.60 and sold at $3.20 for a 100% gain.

Member R.K.

Yea Bryan!! Just started with your research program — pleased as punch! Bought ESVEJ @ 3.40 & just sold @4.60!!!! Bought NZQEF @ 1.75 (a bit higher than you suggested) and just sold it @ 3.30 Fantastic performance young man.

Member R.S.

Hello Bryan, Thanks for the PTEN recommendation. I made thousands off of it. I think we could make some serious money. Thanks again. I’ve already made enough to pay for my subscription many times over.

Member R.S.

Bryan, Thanks for a great week of profit taking!! I was finally ably to get out LLY puts today @4.90. That makes us three for three for the week. I look forward to another exciting week.

Member S.M.

Very excellent! I was in on this one a bit extended — by a dime — at $5.20. But I got $6.50 this morning for a clean 25% gain, not bad for a day & a half’s ‘work!’ Thank you…you & your team are awesome.

Member Roger H.

Another timely call, Bryan. In @5.10 and out @6.40 in two days for 25% on BOLQM. Bravo! This is getting to be a good habit.

Member Cyril P.

Thank you Bryan! Average purchase price was $1.475 and I sold right after your email at $1.80 for a 22% profito! Gracias!

Member Myra B.

Compound an average gain of 10% per week (should be achievable) over the total over one year and you get…14,300%; 5k would in theory be 700k but by then the positions taken would become too large for many option positions to maintain price level. So a “realistic theory” would be more like 2,000% - 4,000% taking smaller positions, but still nice going.

Member Jan L.
Best Analysis of the Current Market Situation

Thank you so much for your excellent writing of Bottarelli Research newsletter of May 14, 2014. It’s the best analysis of the current market situation I’ve read to date, and I read from many sources. Thank you for providing such a valuable service for little guys like us. You are the best and most awesome! Thank you very, very much!!

Member Anders W.
$1,100 Profit Just From Your Free Report!

Back in early July, one of your Chart of the Day (Free Research) reports was around a company called Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). Based on your research, I bought 10 September contracts - and flipped half out on 7/11 for 100% gain. What an awesome trade that was! That's over $1,100 profit just from your Free Report! I know that every trade is not going to work out, but you guys have made my trading life so much better! Fantastic work to you and your team!

Reader Mike S.
Best Trade Ever Made

I made 480%, bought at $0.38, sold this morning at $1.85. Best trade I have ever made.

Member Tony M.
My Biggest Gain Ever

Thanks so much. 25 contracts in at $0.37, out at $2.28, profit of $4,775 from an account that had less than $1,000 left in it. My biggest gain ever.

Member Mike S.
I’d Take 500% Profits All Week Long

Great call on the PFE calls. I’d take 500% profits on a two day trade all week long. Keep the ideas coming.

Member Bill C.
Over 3X’d Our Portfolio

As you may or may not know, I subscribe to all 3 of your services with amazing results. Since July, we have over 3x’d our portfolio.

Member G.N.
$20,000 Profit

Great call. 90 contracts of APC for a $20,000 profit. You’re the best.

Member Bob S.
This is a Gem That Should Be Kept a Secret

I joined your professional service to assess the sharp paper trades. I have to say WOW, I have been absolutely blown away by what a phenomenal edge one has if one can find the sharp paper trades. The APC trade from yesterday to today has been my best trade to date with the sharp paper and it has inspired me to write and compliment you on a phenomenal service. this is a gem that should be kept a secret. Thanks once again for the phenomenal sharp paper trades.

Member Clifford R.
Net Profit of $22,911

Thank you for your incredible work. Trusting your research, I bought 35 ORCL options. I just sold all for $29,210 for a net profit of $22,911, a very nice 363% return. My largest dollar victory to date, all because you do what you do so well. Very nice indeed.

Member Jock B.